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Interview in English

Interview in English

If you want to get a job in the company, which cooperates with international organizations or is itself a branch of a foreign company – you will inevitably face an interview in a foreign language.

How are the interviews in English?

Interviews are being built approximately on the same scenario and the differences will only be added depending on work. The interview in English is no exception.

For starters, you may be asked to tell about yourself. Usually this basic information, about, who are you, how old are you, where he studied and where he worked. At the moment, when you tell it to, the employer or the person, it is, notes your self-confidence and level of English. All, what do you tell, in your summary.

The next question is about your last job. Most often, the answer to this question is almost the main, which judge, whether to take a person to work.

ATTENTION: Never criticise a previous employer. Even if it was really bad, breaking the law is not the kind of information, we want to hear HR managers.

In the final part of the interview the employer may ask you specific questions, specifically for your specialty. It can be professional problems, or any questions about, how do you react to a particular situation.

It is IMPORTANT: Sometimes recruiters ask questions specifically about the firm: "what do you know about us?"So before you go for an interview – find out about the company as much as possible.

What questions to ask in English?

Going for a job interview, you have to be ready for different questions. Most common questions "Tell me about yourself" and "What can you tell me about yourself" – which means "tell me about yourself" and "what can you tell me about yourself". Think carefully about the answers to these questions, that was not a hitch in this simple yet sophisticated setting.

The answer to this question should include not only biographical data, but some traits, beneficial which will present you to an employer.

For example, if you are going to apply for the position of Manager on work with clients, it is worth noting, you "I can easily make contact with other people" – "I have a way with people". Also you can tell, "I'm responsible and hard-working" – "I'm responsible and hardworking".

For those posts, where worth noting is the desire to contribute to the development of the company, in the story, I should add: I enjoy participating actively in various projects that the company may offer and I do everything I can to contribute to its growth and development.

Employers want to hear about the cons of your character. Describing his cons, try not to overdo it and make it so, to minus, you will, turned out to be a plus, for your work.

Thus, if you want to obtain the position of Manager of document management, you can tell: "I do not tolerate working with clients" – "I'm not good with clients".

Also suitable phrase: "I have too much time to devote to work" (I too much time working), "I am a perfectionist" (I am a perfectionist) and "I really focus on one thing" (I really focus on one). All these phrases describe the disadvantages for one job, but is an advantage for the other.

It is IMPORTANT: Prepare a short story about yourself before the interview. Don't ask questions: "what you tell me?"

If there's any questions about his personal life?

Of course, such issues will be, however, they cannot be decisive when applying for a job.

You can briefly share about your personal life with your phrases: I'm single/ I'm married (I'm lonely(and)/I'm married(married)) and I have children (I have children).

HELP: According to the law – an employer may not refuse employment to a woman, which is in a state of pregnancy. And, in employment a woman should not submit a certificate about his health status, as it is not included in the list of required documents.

What to do, if the employer asks aggressive questions?

Stress interview is a common method of conducting interviews. However, not every person such a methodology is appropriate, especially if he gets a job, which does not involve stressful situations.

If your work is focused on people – you should remain calm and answer the question with a smile. If the employer suggests, your English is very bad, thank him for the criticism and say, you are in the process of improving the language: "Thanks, I will improve my English." This answer can convince the employer, that you are not only easy to respond to aggressive behavior and know how to take criticism, but is self-education.

How to prepare for the interview in English?

There are a huge number of people, prepared for interviews, including English. And although it is not easy, it is possible to prepare yourself.

  • Prepare a story about themselves. Include some biographical information, your education, jobs. Then mark the experience, you received, and skills, owned.
  • Tell us about your strengths and weaknesses. Don't forget, cons needs to be shared, and not for a particular specialty.
  • Rate your own professionalism and make a list of achievements.
  • Gather information about the place, in which do you go for an interview. Be sure to think over the answer, why do you want to join this firm.
  • Consider a few questions and situations, which will enable the employer to understand, how you behave in the workplace.
  • Ask yourself the question: "why should I take the employer?"
  • Rehearse everything at home in advance of the interview.
  • Record on camera your rehearsal, to closely monitor your body language.
  • Don't worry!

Some tips for HR managers

If you are going for a job interview, but just planning on doing something for you, the most important question: how to evaluate the response of the applicant.

Experienced managers can easily conduct interviews in any language, but if the interview in English for you first, you should pay attention to:

  1. The level of language proficiency. If your firm has the necessary minimum of knowledge, and you after the interview don't know, whether it is the applicant it is possible to conduct the test: ask them to answer the questions, translate the document or write the answer to the questions of the official character. Remember about the fact, what if the person in the interview says about some of the gaps in knowledge is rather a plus, than a minus. The ability to admit mistakes and willingness to learn – the most important traits of the future employee.
  2. Rate his motivation. If the candidate wants to work, is there a desire in his eyes. Even if the person is shy – his body language gives his mood.
  3. Remember, that experience is always the best indicator of the skills of the person, than his education. However, the experience on paper and the words are not always real.
  4. Ask the candidate about his Hobbies, priorities and how, who he sees himself in the future. During these responses carefully watch the body language.
  5. Ask questions, which are hard to answer honestly: "employer accuses you wonder, what will you do?"or "you're going to the theater, but I ask you to stay, your actions?"Honesty is the, which is guided.

No matter, which side of the barricades you – the main thing in the interview keep calm. After all the excitement you can forget native language, and foreign even more so!

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