Our life is so unpredictable, that it is difficult even to assume, what it will be in the future. Today You have a good job, decent wages, and tomorrow the event of force majeure and circumstances You are confronted with the problem: поиск нового рабочего места. Of course, there is nothing perfect and, considering every single post or organization can mention its pros and cons. Choosing a new job, I would like, for negative indicators, the new office was much smaller.

Why does the applicant need to ask questions at the interview

Once on the interview, we want to arrange employer from the point of view of our professional skills. But we should not forget, что кандидат и рекрутер собрались по одному и тому же поводу, which is bonded one interest: to work for a common cause beneficial to both conditions. So, for not wasting time it is better to discuss all the nuances, regarding the new place of work directly on the interview.

Usually recruiters bring to the applicant the required information about the company, job responsibilities and salary levels prior to the interview. But, if cadre, why is it silent about these information, conversation need to take into their own hands and ask, to ask and ask.

Imagine, что Вам не сообщили о возможностях командировок и, coming to work, You prompt you to go to a week-long trip to another area. And You, suppose, caring for elderly parents. Agree, that such things should be discussed in advance.

О чем спросить работодателя на собеседовании

So, so that nothing is overlooked, let us define, what position should articulate in the interview.

Questions, which ask just need:

  • Update, what You will schedule, check your break, необходимости работы в выходные и сверхурочные дни, предполагает ли должность командировки.
  • Спросите о Ваших должностных обязанностях, who will be Your direct supervisor and whether the staff in Your submission, who gives estimated response of Your activities.
  • Ask about the working conditions: where will be Your work space, how many people in the team, what materials for the work provided by the employer.
  • Is there a probationary period, и какой порядок его прохождения? Будете ли Вы закреплены за лицом, которое сможет Вас обучить в процессе стажировки? Обязательно узнайте, how much time is required to work on probation, and how does one measure the effectiveness of Your work.
  • Inquire, possible career growth in the position and improving, after a period of operation it is possible to speak about the career and what factors influence the adoption by the head of such decisions.
  • Спрашивайте о наличии дресс-кода и ценностях, которые заведены на предприятии.
  • Попросите рассказать о предыдущем работнике, who held this position and what factors influenced his dismissal. If the place is new, find out, for whatever reason, the vacancy was put into the staffing.
  • Ask a question about the training of the personnel and possibilities of qualification – wound up on the enterprise, and how often employees offer educational classes.
  • Find out about the availability of benefits.
  • Update, what You need to do next: wait for the answer of the employer or to pass any additional test tasks. Inquire, it is customary in the company, to inform the applicant if it fits for this position and he will be disqualified. Ask, how long does a recruiter need, to summarize and to make a decision.

What is not recommended to ask at the interview

But not all questions will be relevant in the interview.

For example, the question of what is the sphere of activity of the enterprise, Director deems are reasonable. She came to the interview, the applicant must already operate with information on the scope of activities of the company and about the services, it has.

Extra also be questions about the nuances, associated with the workflow. Such questions are best to be discussed with the immediate supervisor, since some issues may not be within the competence of the personnel Manager.

Можно ли интересоваться на собеседовании о сумме заработной платы

Many job seekers think it is incorrect to raise in the interview the topic of wages. Однако большинство руководителей полны уверенности, что вопросы оплаты труда можно и нужно обсуждать. Во избежание неприятных ситуаций, рекрутеру необходимо осведомиться ожиданиями соискателя к сумме заработной платы.

Вопрос оплаты труда стоит поднимать два раза. Поговорить об окладе, который предусмотрен на данной должности еще на собеседовании очень важно. По сути, цель нашего трудоустройства, работать и получать достойную оплату своего труда.

После того, as a leader I will inform You, he wants to see You in our team can discuss the question of wages in more detail, possible, amount, which were promised at the interview, будут несколько не соответствовать размеру, stipulate at the initial stage of employment.

The interview also inappropriate to discuss such financial matters:

  • how much You will receive, working on probation and is it possible to revise this figure;
  • the size of additional payments- bonuses, award, thirteenth salary and conditions of their payment;
  • sick pay, timeliness of payments: travel, holiday and percent of financial assistance;
  • wage indexation and the frequency of salary increases.
  • official wages – will she be taxed or provided for the payment of money "envelope".
  • the transfer of money to your existing Bank card or need to open a new checking account.

Such questions need to ask after, as You will tell, что хотят закрыть вакантную должность Вашей кандидатурой.

Разрешается ли на собеседовании обойтись без вопросов

Молчание золотоно не в случае с собеседованием. After the recruiter found out from the applicant the required information, begins the second stage of candidate for the vacancy. Based on the questions, which specifies the applicant for the position, you can learn about the person more, what it says about the summary.

People, in the course of the conversation asked the employer absolutely nothing – can't make a good impression. When the recruiter asked counter-questions, he notes, что претендент крайне заинтересован получением рабочего места и профессионально осведомлен.

Огорчают такие соискатели, которые заявляют, that they are all clear and no questions would arise among them. This turn of events puts the recruiter in bewilderment: неужели для этого человека не имеет никакого значения, where it will work, только бы работать или в процессе интервью он понял, что данная вакансия его уже не интересует и хочет скорее закончить разговор.

Задаваемые соискателем вопросы рекрутер расценивает, as the interest in the company and work in it and appreciate Your ability to analyze information.

Remember, not only are employers looking for staff, but the staff picks an organization with favorable working conditions.

How to ask the employer about the interview results

The interview You did not miss the opportunity to inquire about the timing of the decision by the company regarding Your employment. Now just have to wait.

Of course, it would be better, if during the interview You will specify, how You will interact in the future. Ask, if it is appropriate to remind You about myself at the expiration of a specified time period, and what a way to elect, to do this. Possible, the recruiter will ask You to report by letter or give any other contact information to contact him.

Если на собеседовании этот момент был упущен, рекомендуется после истечения оговоренного срока, heard from her a polite letter stating the date of the last interview and to inquire whether the decision made regarding Your question. You can clarify, You don't rush the company with the decision, as want to You are interested in the position.

Bored the recruiter's numerous calls and letters just do not need. It may seem obsessive to the head and even with a good experience of the interview, it can change in the negative direction decision about Your candidacy. Especially, you should not call the recruiters, to ask a question of Your employment hours and personal room.

Assess the situation correctly, в каком случае Ваша заинтересованность принесет пользу, а в каком нет.

Подведем итоги

She came to the interview, постарайтесь получить ответ, хотя бы на самые основные позиции, которые представляют для Вас важность. The most important thing – ask clear and concise questions and keep yourself confident.

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