Doctor work responsible, therefore, every leader of this institution tries to take itself professional. This condition applies even though the state hospital, though a private clinic.

Preparation for interview of a doctor

To interview a potential employee should come on time (according to the rules of etiquette for 15 minutes before the scheduled time). Appearance should speak about the understanding of the, what the medical profession is inherently intelligent.

On the interview itself, in addition to the necessary documents about education and previous experience, should take and recommendations from last place of work. This is very important when applying for this position, a Manager can not take the first comer. Too much responsibility lies on the doctor.

The interview questions

When the applicant answers the questions on his profession or about his personal life (marital status, the presence of children), you need to tell the truth. In the process of the trial period all omissions will be noticed by the user, that will not benefit the applicant.

On issues in the profession need to answer strictly on topic, no deviations. If the employer will require, it should detail training courses: what took place, where, their duration. To tell, how to apply the gained knowledge in their practice.

In addition to knowledge of the profession is very important to show your attitude to the patient. They are ready to be sensitive and understanding to patients, do not adhere to the postulate: "Sick? Themselves to blame!» Особенно это важно для сотрудников частных клиник. There is no rudeness due to fatigue are not allowed.

If the applicant passes the interview for the device in the clinic, which is located abroad, it would be a mandatory document, confirming knowledge of a foreign language (professional level).

The results

The most important device in place of the doctor need to remember, this, as noted above, responsible work and the employer is interested in this professional. So the interview is important in all ways to be professional quality. In any case, to avoid inaccurate phrases about the past place of work (head, staff). To have a clear and reasoned opinion on medical ethics and other professional issues. As needed, to demonstrate their knowledge in the field of medical innovations.

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