As to employees of clothing stores or any other goods, and to staff of the jewelry store are put forward about the same requirements: communication skills, friendliness, activity, directly the ability to sell. But still the workers of a jewelry store have their specific features in the work and in the interview.

An ideal employee of a jewelry store

Selecting candidates for the position of the seller, administrator or even a security guard, the Manager is guided directly professional skills, and identifying those qualities of the applicant:

  • A high level of responsibility.
  • A high degree of flexibility of thinking.
  • Well-groomed and neat appearance.
  • The ability to communicate and understand the psychology of the client.
  • Helpfulness without excessive servility (you have to respect as a customer, and yourself).
  • Knowledge of sales techniques and bases of calculations.

An employee of a jewelry store should be loyal and respectful to the rich clients and their whims. This person must be a good psychologist, have a good stress tolerance and the absence of complex “Narcisse”.

How to pass an interview in jewelry

If you are not very good and reliable seller in the regular store – it's just a mistake, in the jewelry store the mistake can be fatal. Therefore, it is important for you not just to prove, you are a good seller (cashier, etc.), tidy and sociable, but they are also honest and responsible person. For this, answering questions, stick to the following rules:

  • Keep your head up, do not take away the look, when you answer the questions, to identify your integrity.
  • Not manifest excessive nervousness (try not to move your hands excessively, nervously not to smile, not to knock fingers on the table, etc.)
  • Try to answer questions fairly quickly. In fact, employers pay attention to the speed of your response, after all, it can tell, how honest and confident you meet the, if they told you that, what sure really, or not.
  • Be sure to provide a nice, even a few neat and presentable appearance at the interview.

What you can ask:

  • What will you do, if faced with a tough and picky customer?
  • What will you do, if the client are going to refund the purchase.?
  • More importantly: so the customer made a purchase or came in the next time?
  • What will you do, if you notice, that the client tries ornament, which didn't fit her age?

You may come across specifically these trick questions, but can meet and other similar. They are situational and will help the employer to understand, how well you can cope with the position. So just think about the different possible situations and try to come up with the answer (find it online) about, what line of conduct best to choose.

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