Roundabout – this is one of the largest networks of shops of low prices. There's always plenty of vacancies, among which can find a regular seller or the cashier, and the system administrator or any other professional. If you decide to have an interview at a roundabout at a major position – then you can be calm, if you are a good specialist. If you decide to post, which is always a lot of competitors (seller, cashier, etc.), then try to follow the recommendations below.

Important qualities

For large stores it is very important, that employees were honest, responsible and really wanted to work a lot. So value your quality, as:

  • Willingness and desire to work hard.
  • Good resistance to stress.
  • Diligence.
  • Communication skills.

As for the roundabout are interviewed

In the high rate of turnover and the large number of applicants, the interview at the roundabout is a regular interview 5 minutes. In the process, candidates are asked General questions:

  • Where did you work prior to that?
  • Why I left my previous job?
  • Are you willing to work overtime, if you suddenly develop an emergency?
  • How far you get, etc.?

Totally unacceptable are the answers, like this: “I quit my previous job, because it was very hard work”. You need, on the contrary, show, I'm not afraid of work and are ready to unconditionally fulfill all of its duties.

You may also ask situational questions:

  • What will you do, if you find out, what your employee is stealing? – Of course, you pass a colleague leadership.
  • If the buyer gets mad and will curse you, what would you undertake? – Tell, I will try to resolve the conflict, apologize and promise to rectify the situation.

What rules should be observed

Responsible employee cannot be punctuality, therefore it is better to arrive, than be late. To pass the interview at the roundabout, also be careful, to your appearance was neat, and it – clear.


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