If you decide to enter the service of the interior Ministry, you have to go through many checks, among them personal interview. It is almost at the end of the General test of the candidate and is the final factor of employment in the Ministry of internal Affairs.

Just allocate the following stages of joining the service:

  1. The application process.
  2. Check your level of knowledge.
  3. Test to determine your mental health.
  4. Physical examination.
  5. Test the skills of vehicle control.
  6. Interview.

If you have successfully completed all previous stages and showed a good level of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, you have nothing to fear personal interview. Indeed, in this case, you already said about yourself, as a budding employee. But the interview in the interior Ministry has its purpose:

  • Find out, for what purpose you entered the service.
  • To explain to you the nature of the service.

How to prepare for the interview in the interior Ministry

The main thing – tune in mentally for that, that first of all you will need to prove, what are you willing to serve their country inviolable, to keep all the secrets and follow orders. You must show a great desire to take up the position and make it clear, that you are worthy to have it.

So go to bed early, to Wake up full of energy and confidence. Pick a low-key business clothes and try to look serious and determined. Because in the future you will have to obey senior, show and this day, maximum respect for the man, you'll have to check.

The questions asked will be General in nature:

  • Do you understand the seriousness of the service in the interior Ministry?
  • Why did you choose this profession?
  • Easy was it for you to pass the previous stages of testing?

Don't be afraid to say with confidence, what do you want to fight crime, they are ready and able to stand up for himself, and partner, and for others.

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