When the device in the salons of MTS the important thing to remember, that is encouraged by the activity.

Olga Delyagin, head of Department recruitment of MTS Group, speaks directly to the requirements: "It is important not to be afraid to Express themselves. More courage, activity".

The applicant for the post of consultant in MTS you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Careful approach to resume writing. It generates the initial presentation of candidate, what affects the decision about the invitation to the interview.
  • To see the latest offer services, products.
  • Come to the interview in business style clothing.
  • A conversation with the employer to maintain a business tone. To show the seriousness of your intentions about the job.
  • At the interview be active, bold. Do not be afraid to mention your weaknesses. But be sure to mention, I know. How to work with them, how to develop further.

Additionally, upon successful completion of the first interview need to be ready for further training, which lasts about a month. The company specially designed program of adaptation of newcomers.

In some offices interviews are held several times. Someone immediately after training, get a job, as someone conducting another interview. They have to communicate not only with the recruiting Manager, but the head of the Department, office. That is, there can be a peer interview. This, too, need to be prepared in advance to adjust themselves to the successful completion of this test.

For MTS you need to understand, what is neuro-consuming work. Therefore, you should assess their capabilities and the presence of such qualities as:

  • Stress resistance;
  • Communication skills;
  • Care;
  • Cheerfulness.

Summing up the recommendations for interviews in the salons of communication of MTS, you can highlight the main condition: a positive attitude. He will help you successfully pass the interview. The company accounted for more focus on results and willingness to stress, than previous experience. It is therefore important during the interview to establish itself as a vigorous and proactive employee. To answer the questions maximized, without faltering, not afraid to voice, what you don't know something. But verify, they are ready to learn new things.

Keeping the aforementioned tips, you will be able to get a job at one of the big firms of mobile connection in Russia, to see the process of device operators inside. This work will be useful not only for the enrichment of your wallet, but to replenish your vital knowledge.

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