Work in Euroset has controversial opinions – for some it was the beginning of a happy career, but for others – a disappointment. How to get a job in the company "Euroset" and successfully pass a job interview.

Who is waiting for Euroset

First year all such companies need one: people, customer oriented, with good makings of a seller and the ability to "palaver". You have to show, they have ambitions, ready to work on the result and get pleasure from the fact, sold man not only, what he needs, but even more. That is, the main qualities of the future sales assistant in Euroset such:

  • Learning (you must show a desire to learn all the basics of corporate rules and network diagrams).
  • Self – confidence- shy and quiet people simply can not be a good seller.
  • Ability to work in team.
  • Knowledge of some techniques of sales., the correct approach to the client.
  • Stress tolerance and kindness in all circumstances.

How is the interview at Euroset

An interview in the company of banal and not at all scary. On arrival at the main office you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and tests.

  1. The questionnaire should be filled in completely, leaving a blank graph. Yes, you will have to tell about her husband, mom, the Pope, etc., but the company is very serious about security and wants to know about potential employees all.
  2. Tests in Euroset usually interesting and not complicated. There can be issues with type: "Why do people work?", "What's better: one million under 110% annual or 700 thousands under 130%". You must answer as a true seller and the most interested in person (and you came here not only because, what you need the money, although this fact should not ignore, for interested financial officer will make all, so he, and the company received more profit).

If you call after, as you fill out the form, вам предстоит разговор со службой безопасности и тест на навыки продавца.

Security service

  • Answer honestly.
  • Don't worry.
  • Bring your passport, work book and should make hard copies of documents.

Test the skills of the seller

You can ask how to sell the product directly from the store, and to make "sell" the Manager a pen or pencil. The main thing:

  • You need to be sure, they sell just an amazing thing – it is very necessary and has an excellent combination of "price/quality".
  • You have to be polite, but to prevent all doubts of the buyer.
  • Always remember to offer a related product.

Go to the interview confident in their abilities and pre-practice to sell something at home that will help you prepare for tests and assignments.

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