After graduating from school and getting all necessary knowledge and experience, you can safely go on an interview for a nurse. First, this interview will look at your documents, then hold interviews and, possible, a small test. By and large, you have nothing to fear, if you have the following skills:

  • Know how to provide first aid.
  • Freely make as intramuscular, and intravenous injections, clearly and with good knowledge of anatomy when performing this manipulation.
  • Good care for the sick.
  • Possess sufficient knowledge and level of responsibility for distribution of medicines and control of their patients receiving.
  • How to install the dropper and sterilized tools.
  • Able to maintain documentation.

What you want to see the nurse

Interview the nurse is also checking on the level of your empathy, that is, the ability to empathize. After all, a nurse needs to be sensitive and attentive, as it is most of all contact with patients. Will be appreciated by the your ability to be a good psychologist (if there is one) and high stress tolerance. The nurse should not be stale, but also should not be too receptive, she will have to face are totally different, sometimes tragic situations.

How to prepare for a interview at a nurse

First collect all the necessary documents, and then prepare yourself. On interview the hospital you need to come assembled, neat and well-groomed. Pick a neutral does not cause clothes – understated, but elegant. Tidy hair and nails.

If you have had a long break after graduation, repeat the theory and, manipulation in practice.

What documents to take with you

  • A diploma of secondary medical education.
  • Employment history.
  • If there is, medical certificate form 086.
  • You can grab recommendations, if you have one.

What questions can ask

You can ask the sequence and especially the performance of any procedure. Also ask, how will you deal with problem patients, etc. Be ready to show off your knowledge and show, he was ready to do their job with full responsibility.

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