Want to have an interview at Adidas and get a job of a sales assistant? Then you need to read these tips and facts, to help out after an interview with the winner.

How to get into the Adidas store

For this you can contact the company store, referring to the open position and the announcement of the recruitment, to fill out a questionnaire and wait for the call. You can also fill out a form on the corporate website.

How to prepare for the interview

If you think, what to come for an interview at Adidas should in a white shirt and black trousers – you are wrong. It is better to give preference to corporate clothing adidas, Reebok, Rockport. Of course, good mood, smile and well-groomed appearance will not be superfluous.

As for the intellectual and informational training:

  • Can you remember your first Adidas sneakers and think, what advantages they possessed – you may find this useful.
  • Check out the most famous and basic facts from the history of the company, brands, contract athletes etc.

They want to see in Adidas

As shown, none of the interview, pompous pseudo-athletes, which behave unruly and trying to focus on the immense passion for the sport, not so popular with the managers of the company. There are more than valued reasonable modesty, combined with good sharpness and confidence.

Will be appreciated such qualities of the candidate:

  • Organizational skills.
  • Kindness and stress.
  • Leadership qualities.
  • Beautiful and intelligible speech.

If you still don't understand, how to interview at Adidas, then just remember, you must be honest, open and feel free to talk about their interests and Hobbies. Don't try to put yourself in a better light, than it really is. Unlike many fashion shops, Adidas

it is a completely different way. Here you enough to be charming, creative and active and then you get everything.

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