In order, to work as a dentist in a private or public hospital, you need to have all the necessary knowledge, skills, experience, as well as the stack of documents, who can confirm this. But it is equally important to produce a good impression to the person, which will produce an interview of a dentist.


Of course, in the consulting business the most important practice, therefore, experience at least one or two years is highly desirable. Also don't forget to bring the certificate of specialist, because without it your interview to end, and so it began.

What qualities are most valued

When hiring a dentist of any medical directions to the employer it is important to hire a good specialist, who will always be able to keep up with the times and bring to the clinic more profit. Therefore, employers are attracted to such qualities:

  • Knowledge of modern methods of treatment.
  • Work with modern equipment (for example, endomotor, the microscope, etc.)
  • The ability to motivate for treatment.
  • Complex thinking.
  • Commitment to continuous professional development.
  • Humanity.
  • Punctuality.

Interview preparation

Here are all of the standard scheme: you need a good night's sleep, to look fresh and attractive. Pick clothes in a restrained semi-business style and be sure to come on time. Even better come on 15 minutes earlier.

Also prepare to show your professionalism. Do not neglect the introduction of new information: read about new technologies, the treatment methods and other innovations in the field of dentistry. And even if you ask, do you own any modern tool or method, and in fact, you only will know, what it is – you still doing this show, that are interested in innovations and strive to develop as a specialist in pace with the times.

The interview questions

Be prepared as to General issues, and to those, which are designed to understand, as you have a basic knowledge and skills in dentistry.

With a pick:

  • Passport.
  • Work book.
  • Graduate certificate.

Do not forget about your confidence, calm and openness – they are able to help on any interview.