Interview at Auchan runs on a standard interview. In this network you can get a job as a cashier or porter, and a storekeeper, Director or head of Department. Each position has its own specific requirements, but you can make a small list of General requirements:

  • Responsibility.
  • Dedication.
  • Care.
  • Experience this field.

On regular posts in the Auchan there are no special requirements and tests at the interview. Basically the suitability of a future employee here is defined on probation. Therefore, your task – to make a good overall impression, show, what are you ready right now to begin work and to do it as well.

For cashiers:

  • Would be great, if you already have experience "at the checkout".
  • You must convince the Manager that, what is good with money and are careful enough.
  • If no experience – your task, to convince, what you learn quickly, and work with cash programs will not make you work.

For the workers of the shop, movers, etc.:

  • The candidate should be ready for a greater load to carry out a large amount of work.
  • Important responsibility and diligence.
  • The availability of the necessary skills and desire to learn.

How to prepare for the interview at Auchan

Just tune in then, what you need to make a good impression – not to be too cocky, but not too "clogged". Since most of the hiring in large supermarkets is made without any objective reason (on the basis of personal sympathies Manager), you need to be polite and show attitude. Dress modestly, be clean and neat. Try to be calm and balanced.

What you ask

You will be asked basic questions:

  • Is there a husband, children.
  • How long to get to work.
  • Was there any experience in this field.
  • Is there education etc.
  • When ready to start.
  • How many would like to earn.

Your task is to show, what are you willing to completely surrender to the work and study. No need to say, what you already know and you learn nothing – better tell me, you have good skills, but always ready to evolve. Also do not underestimate salary expectations, try to sell yourself more expensive.

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