Often realtors say, as a person, who can do it all. And this is the case, after all, he must fulfill the role of sales Manager, the role of a lawyer and an economist. The essence of the work of a realtor lies in the immaculate presentation of the property to the buyer, the preparation of documents and registration of the transaction between the owner and buyer of real estate.

What does an employer need

In the first place, at this interview the employer is trying to understand, how good are you as a seller, what is the power of persuasion and eloquence you have. It is important to see in you a confident and persistent person, knowing the boundaries between obsession and ability even cons to submit, pros.

It, I'll play you in a plus:

  • Knowledge of several techniques of successful sales and the ability to use them.
  • Умение работать с возражениями.
  • Талант продавать самого себя, ведь в будущем вам будет важно доказать клиенту, что он действительно в вас нуждается.
  • Хорошее знание рынка недвижимости.
  • Skills preparation of contracts of purchase and sale.

Preparing for a job interview the realtor

Be confident and calm is the most important component of a successful transaction. Therefore, preparing for the interview, try to pack up and settle down. Show the employer, that you are confident, without going over the edge with extreme self-confidence.

What questions to ask the employer

Since realtors are people, work schedule which is not normalized, one of the questions may sound like this: "Are you willing to sacrifice weekends for the sake of the transaction?"or something like that. And to answer you should have a positive, after all, the realtor must always be ready to flee, if calling a potential customer.

Также вас могут спросить об ваших организационных способностях. И будет замечательно, если у вас будет заготовлен короткий рассказ об организованных мероприятиях. Renew in memory the information concerning documentation and contract preparation, as one of the issues may be about it.

Answer the questions

Ваши ответы должны быть четкими и лаконичными. Упор должен делаться на то, что вы готовы посвятить этой работе сколько времени и сил, сколько потребуется. И даже при том, you need to be sure, stay restrained and even somewhat noble.

The second stage of interview is a test of your abilities on the matter. Can be sure 98%, what you have to sell to your employer is a not very attractive house or to convince him in buying an expensive Villa. Do everything you can, so he has his "bought".


A good realtor may be the only person with the talent to sell and convince, in a timely manner which was supplemented by the knowledge. And if you feel the strength to curb this profession, attend trainings, gain confidence and conquer employers.

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