The work of the translator does not tolerate slowdowns, lack of knowledge and is very responsible, therefore, the selection of candidates for this position are always quite thorough. Preparing for the interview, first and foremost you need to understand, you are applying for the position of translator or oral. After all, it depends on the way test your knowledge and accents, arranged staffing agent.

What do you expect from a simultaneous interpreter

  • The ideal level of knowledge as a foreign, and the native language.
  • Good diction.
  • Very fast response (as you have said instantly translate from one language to another).
  • Presentable appearance (after all, you will probably have to attend important event and to be surrounded by equally important respectable people).

Requirements for translator

In this case, the first item remains unchanged, focuses on identifying your skills translate text. In the first place, the ability to choose the right words, to avoid stylistic, grammatical and punctuation errors. So be prepared for a variety of written tests and quick translation of text.

How to prepare for the job interview interpreter

Your appearance should be neat and representative, especially if we are talking about the position of simultaneous interpreter. Try to choose clothes in the style of a smart-casual look, in order to look easy and relaxed, but sufficiently representative.

If you are confident in your perfect knowledge of a foreign language still practice before the interview. And if you have doubts – try to improve your skills.

  • Make some translations to speed home, without a dictionary and auxiliary items (often, it is the translation of the text from the worksheet is the main test of the interview).
  • Train yourself to speak clearly and expressively.
  • Prepare answers to possible questions.

What would the staffing agent?

As initially, you must establish contact, the Manager can ask you:

  • What do you think about the weather? (Do you like weather?)
  • How are you today? (How are you doing?)
  • Did you have any trouble finding us? (You can easily found us?)

So you better be prepared to take such basic issues. It is not excluded, what will follow please tell us about yourself "Tell me about yourself".

You can prepare in advance a short story about your education and work experience. Better to think short and coherent story about the achievements and your advantages, because of which you are a good candidate for the position.

You can also hear the following questions:

  1. Have you had any public speaking?
  2. What does it mean to you to be a good translator?
  3. Would you prefer to make an oral or written report?
  4. What gave you the education?

In General, you can find the list of the most standard interview questions and give the answers for yourself. After all, to understand, how well you speak a foreign language, the Manager of hiring will try to ask you as many questions as possible in that language. Also be prepared for the various tests for knowledge of a foreign language as a written, and oral.

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