Under the profession of a security guard can be considered as a grandfather, sitting on the post some small businesses, and employee of this security service. And if you decide to interview the security guard from the last variant, then you need to gather all your courage in a fist and to follow the following recommendations.

Requirements for security guard:

  • Quick response.
  • Good physical preparation.
  • The lack of visible and hidden physical pathologies.
  • Good psychological health and stress resistance.
  • Responsibility.
  • No bad habits.
  • Attentiveness and good memory.

How to behave at the interview

It can take place in several stages, the first of which – interview follow-up medical and psychological examination. But in the interview process is eliminated 3/4 candidates. So, to create a positive impression at the first meeting, you should behave in such a way:

  1. Be punctual. At least it will show, that you collected and know how to efficiently plan their actions.
  1. Neat appearance. The opposite will show, that you are not disciplined and neat.
  2. Avoid negative body language. Your task – to convince the employer, you calm, collected and able to control their emotions. So don't knock fingers on the table, don't let yourself too actively to gesticulate, do not rotate brushes, do not click knuckles etc. – do not give out their excitement.
  3. Try to speak clearly, to answer questions to the extent deployed and connected sentences (this is the first indicator of your communication skills and intellectual level).

What questions you can ask

  • Have you ever had to get into a dangerous situation? How do you cope with it?
  • Whether you served in the army?
  • If you notice, what your colleague has gained access to classified information, what will you do?
  • You received a call from a certain building. But, to go there, do you want to skip all 5 people. What will you do?

Such questions will help the employer to know, what do you do in dangerous situations and how you perceive the very similar situation. Also the Manager can check your attentiveness and memory by means of tests or puzzles elementary. For example, you can show pictures of two people during 5 seconds, and then ask you to describe their appearance.

At the interview, try to be as focused, careful and calm.. Answer the questions maximized, and during the tests for attention, try to disable all extraneous thoughts and focus on your job.

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