One of us was a waiter? Probably, every second had to learn the basics of this profession and interview the waiter. It's not that hard, as it might seem, but it still requires you some training and personal qualities.

Who take a job as a waiter?

The perfect candidate will be man, who already has the experience and skills to work as a waiter. But if you are young, have a pleasant appearance and is open to the people – you can safely go for an interview. In the interview process, it is important for you to show, that you possess such qualities:

  • Communication skills.
  • Quickness.
  • A good memory.
  • Accuracy.
  • Care.

The duties of waiter include serving tables, meal, customer contact and direct work with him, taking orders, reading the menu, payments. It is important to find a common language with clients, respond quickly to unexpected situations and requests, and also know the menu of food and drinks.

Interview preparation

Best, what can you do – is to visit the website of the casino, to see the menu and the ethics of the restaurant. Then it will be easier to understand, what exactly is expect from a potential employee. Can't hurt to see (at least theoretically) the basics of serving, the order of serving dishes and basic rules of service.

Of course, that interview should come on time and with a neat appearance.

What questions can ask in an interview

You will be asked about work experience and other General facts. If you have not worked as a waiter – try to be positive, open and tell us, that you are easily trained, feel good in the team and easily find common language with people.

Also you can hear some tricky questions:

  • If the restaurant left fish, a customer wants a fish dish, what will you do? – Of course, you suggest some alternative.
  • If young people give you a fake ID, in order to order alcohol, what will you do?
  • How much time you need, to learn a long verse?
  • The client is unhappy with the food. What will you do?

Consider the answers to such the questions listed above. Think, what other situations may arise and how you react to them. Stay with me, don't worry, and show the employer your best qualities.