The work of a merchandiser is considered the first step in the career ladder, followed by the coordinator trade marketing, regional Manager etc. But the first step will require you to perseverance, exposure, perseverance and at least, good interview and probationary period.

As a merchandiser is a trading company in various retailers, responsible for display of goods, follow the prices, place advertising materials and necessary equipment for conducting events and activities in the applicant for the position the employer wants to see such quality:

  • Communication skills.
  • Active life position.
  • Reaction.
  • The ability to sell and convince.
  • Leadership qualities.
  • Willingness to travel, travel and physical exercise.
  • Stress resistance.

How to prepare for the interview

Merchandiser should have pleasant appearance, therefore, you should make a good impression at first sight. If you are a girl, going for an interview for merchandiser, you should exclude the bright makeup and high heels. Supervisor, who will conduct an interview with such a candidate, might think, this man is not ready to engage in such difficult work for a long time. This work involves constant movement, so I can wear flats, jeans and some elegant blouse.

You ask about

You already know, what people are looking for employers for the position of merchandiser, why all the questions for the interview of a merchandiser will be aimed at, to determine, if you possess the necessary qualities. This is a banal common questions, used for most interviews.

Also be ready for testing, to help you determine the speed of your reactions, neatness and creativity. For example, you can give planogram display of goods and to ask for the speed to place the goods or to perform some clearance. This is the crucial moment, so try not to make mistakes, and exactly with the planogram to place the product. Do not just quickly, but also qualitatively.