Professional logistician –good negotiator, which can communicate with the drivers, and with contractors. These qualities are of value to the employer. To become a needed specialist in the field of logistics, you should thoroughly understand the profession and work on their personal qualities. Because you will be busy in the business environment, where income is important. Therefore, it is important to the employer, that you are only good at doing his job, but were able to walk away from conflict situations. To put up with a bad personality for the sake of your professionalism businessman will not. After all, your manner of communication is the guarantor, that the company will turn more than once. Will not turnover due to the fact, that you are with someone you can't find a common language.

At the interview you must uncover your professional skills:

  • knowledge of types of vehicles;
  • experienced PC user: software package MS Office, 1With, ATHY;
  • knowledge of the English language;
  • knowledge of Russian customs regulations and laws;
  • knowledge of import and export documentation, conditions of supply of goods;
  • as needed: knowledge of international logistics.

What personal qualities are most often impressed by the employer? This innovatsionnosti thinking, openness to discussion, the ability to Analytics. It is important to demonstrate these qualities during the interview.

Questions, who will hear the applicant at the interview:

  • the companies worked;
  • what routes carrying loads;
  • what range was the case;
  • what supporting documents knows.

These answers will help to understand the employer, how the applicant delved into the work processes, what execution plan is used.

Often, the applicant offered to undergo a test task. The first part is usually given at the interview: the decision of some practical problems. In the second part of the test is proposed to calculate the rate for shipping. If the applicant calls even without calculating the approximate value and offers alternative routes, the employer takes notice. Because this approach delivers good experience of the applicant.

In summary, highlight the main points:

  • the interview required a demonstration of your communication skills, the ability to escape from conflict situations, who will hold up the work;
  • maximum opening of professional qualities: it is important not to miss anything. Additional knowledge are welcome here. If you will be able to tell your employer the best routes, he will be only too happy. Of course, you will be profitable.