Leroy Merlin – company, осуществляющая торговлю строительными, plumbing and other goods. The company provides its employees a salary of white, after several months of work – additional health insurance. Possible career growth within the team. Providing such guarantees and opportunities, firm imposes requirements to its employees.

Interview preparation

The interview usually takes place in several stages, with the different level executives of the company. First, your resume selected, then be contacted and invited for in-person meeting. It may take up to one hour.

Requires serious interview preparation. Here are important all the classic recommendations for the conversation with the user at the device to work:

  • Strict style of clothing, neat appearance (business suit not required, but jeans and a stretched sweater doesn't fit).
  • Come without delay. If not for a good reason to come on time, be sure to notify the employee, conducting the interview.
  • Confident-positive attitude. But we should not too confidently behave. Be considerate.
  • You need to answer clearly, strictly on topic. Vague answers should not be.

How to interview Leroy

You should know some features of the interview in Leroy Merlin:

  • Will be asked completely different questions: and the profession, your skills, about your the brightest event in life.
  • The interview takes place in several stages: first with the head of Department on work with staff, then with the direct supervisor.
  • Always ask questions, related products. For example, you can ask, what distinguishes grinder from angle grinder.
  • Ask about your attitude to customers: will be able to cheat, how will you get out of a conflict situation.


Should be taken into account, when the post of Manager/head of Department will need also an additional interview with the head of the shop.

At all levels of interview required to demonstrate all the necessary skills to operate from the category of "man-man":

  • Delicacy;
  • Confilicts;
  • Care;
  • Stress resistance;
  • Responsibility.


It is important to remember during the interview, the more you show interest in this work, the more chances to get it. If the employer does not hear a clear answer to the questions: "Why did you want to work with us?"or "Which of your qualities will help the development of our store?", it is unlikely to remain in the memory of the employer.

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