The complexity of the work the teller is not so much in the technical side of the profession, how much of the need for increased level of focus and concentration. So, you can feel free to come to the interview on the cashier, if you are sure, I'll cope with this load.

He wants to see the employer

Future cashier needs to be very careful, as any miscalculations will bring harm to both companies, he works, and he himself. Also important stress tolerance and honesty. But in addition to dignity will be assessed and professional skills:

  • Good computer skills.
  • Knowledge of office applications, and 1C.
  • Ability to maintain documentation and maintain records.

Depending on, in what industry will the cashier, to it may be made and other requirements. For example, future cashier should be able to make money transfers and perform various maintenance operations deposits. If you want to interview the position of cashier of a trading hall, employer ocanada such skills and qualities:

  • Ability to work with the Bank terminal.
  • Communication skills and sociability.
  • Diligence and willingness to work in accordance with corporate ethics.

How to prepare for the interview

  1. Ensure a good appearance: lie down to sleep early in the evening, pick modest clothes and gently tease the hair.
  2. The pre-check company, which will go. Find out about their principles of work with clients, the field of activity etc. Today, the Internet even you can find recommendations for interviewing future employees from the managers of these firms. If you can, also try to find out, what programs cashiers are working in the organization. It can be both 1S, and any other cash program. If possible, read it in advance.
  3. Be sure to come on time.
  4. Tune in then, you will need to prove answers to questions, that you are honest and responsible.

How is the interview

It may be prepared by the personnel officer, and the administrator of the institution. Questions to the cashier at the interview:

  • Where you previously worked and have experience working as a cashier?
  • What POS software you are able to work?
  • Do you think, you will easily master the working program?
  • If you saw, the other cashier steals money, what you will do?
  • How to check bill on the fact of authenticity?

Also you can ask many common questions, about your family situation, Hobbies. The main thing, answer honestly and confidently.

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