Designer – it is primarily the man with a developed sense of taste, style, beauty, knowledge of marketing fundamentals, consumer psychology, knowledge of different graphics editors and the ability to write their ideas on paper.

So now the designer can specialize in totally different areas (graphics, landscape, interior, printing, etc.) requirements for interviews can be quite different. But from the basics, which define a good designer, nowhere to go, and we can give you some advice, how to interview a designer.


Even if you consider yourself an impeccable specialist, you should not go for an interview at random. Better buy yourself presentable clothes and try to look their best. Think, what good can you say about yourself, as a specialist.

The second part of a successful interview of the designer – this portfolio. You understand, what in your industry, to the employer it is better to show the fruits of your skills, rather than talk about them. So choose the best work, make a competent portfolio and confidently pull it to the recruitment Manager.

You ask about, what to ask

You can ask the standard questions, type: “Why I left my last job?” or “What are the goals you have for the next 2 year?”.

But since the employer is much more important in your case to learn about your skills, in addition to the portfolio, you must cook the story:

  • What software you own?
  • What is your most successful and unsuccessful project (a bad accent is not worth it – better tell me, all was good, but one exceeded your expectations)?
  • Do you know color theory, etc.

Employer you can ask such questions:

  • How are things going with the processing?
  • How many designers work in teams?
  • What prospects lie ahead of me?

If you pass the first interview stage, you may be asked to perform the test task. For example, UI/UX designer may be asked to do the top menu of the website clear, simple and attractive. In any case, keep calm and apply all your forces, to do the job perfectly.

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