Account Executive – this man, which leads the workflow of the company, often in parallel, performs the duties of an administrative assistant and takes the personal requirements of the chief.

If you decide to interview the clerk, you should know and be able:

  • To document.
  • To capture and process correspondence.
  • Make telephone calls and work with customers.
  • To archive documents.
  • To know the basic principles of the state system of record keeping, rules of documentation and normative legal acts.

How to prepare for interview for clerk

First and foremost, tune in to the interview mentally and physically prepare. A good night's sleep, choose business clothing and just calm down. If you see the need, repeat the basics of records management and other theoretical knowledge.

Since your next post will be directly related to the order and rigor in the execution of tasks, be sure to come on time, show, that you are the person responsible and tidy.

What you can ask

  1. What education do you have (it must be the economy, archival studies or records management)?
  2. Whether you own a PC and office equipment (if you do not own, then you should go for computer courses)?
  3. If you are sociable person?
  4. Do you have experience on similar positions?
  5. How you neat and organized?

If your interview will be limited to interviews, you are very lucky. But very often managers decide to test your skills and knowledge using the appropriate test. In them you can find a variety of issues: on the document definition, his details, for certification of signatures, the date of the Protocol, etc.

In order, to successfully pass this test, can just get your tutorial documentation, find University test and try to pass it with honors.

The results

So the job of the clerk requires perseverance, accuracy and knowledge of the case, you need to prove, that you have all the knowledge and skills, and compliance requirements. To do this, try to be more focused and confident.

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