Contrary to popular belief, what to get a degree without experience is impossible. You can say, to complete the previous student is still possible. The main thing, the right to pass the interview.

Interview preparation, if you have no experience

It is necessary to prepare carefully. Tune mentally and think through the answers to the questions of the employer.

First, about the right attitude:

  • no empty declarations, I'm the best, can. Soberly assess their knowledge of the profession. Better tune in a normally positive way, do not unnecessary bombast.
  • remember, when applying for a job first time will be hard. Showing diligence at first, you quickly retract. And much, that was hard, you will carry out in a short time on the machine. Exactly this attitude – the willingness to work hard – you have to demonstrate to the employer.

Before the interview, carefully review the scope of the company, its corporate culture is, personnel policy. And in accordance with that knowledge, consider, what can you offer the company. For example, если высоко развита корпоративная культура, then the question about their Hobbies, answer, the organized student activities: concerts, skits and stuff.

Questions, which will set the

No experience – this does not mean, what you don't know anything about his profession. Tell us about the internship: not focus, where held and what time practice was. Better tell us in detail, what they carried and what new knowledge acquired. Show a reference from your internship.

You can talk about extra courses, held. Обычно в вузах предлагают такую возможность: for example, курсы иностранного языка. Соискателю следует упомянуть и о конференциях, в которых принимал участие, о своих курсовых работах. But always only in the direction of the future of the profession. For example, if settled as a lawyer in the Department of contracts, it can be mentioned the course on civil law. Of course, in this case, about the course on criminal law say it makes no sense.


At the interview you need to demonstrate respect for the employer, to prevent criticism of a corporate policy. Provoking questions like: "What would you change in the company?"You should consider the answer, назвать только некоторые ваши замечания в лояльной форме. Не допускать легкомысленных и общих фраз: «Методы вашей фирмыэто все вчерашний день. Сейчас все по-другому». Предложите конкретно, что изменили, без оценочных суждений: «Можно использовать для бухгалтерской отчетности [название программы], потому что в ней все подсчеты максимально автоматизированы». All, никаких фраз, что используемая вами программа устарела.

Remember, что вы на собеседование должны проявить свою дисциплинированность, готовность к упорному труду и постоянному развитию.


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