Business analyst – it specialist, engaged in research of customer problems and finding their solutions. He draws the concept of the client requirements, which in the future and refer the developers to create the product.

Employ analysts

In the first place, to pass the interview analyst, the person must have an analytical mind, good logic, communication skills, accuracy and attention to detail. Of course, for those, who already has experience, it is important to show, that you already have deep knowledge in the field of system and business analysis.

The first stage of the interview

He gives an interview, on which to ask formal questions on type:

  • How would you describe yourself?
  • Why did you come to a decision about changing jobs?
  • Why give preference to our company?

These questions do not always require a truthful and simple answers. Answering, adjust your answers, given the interests of your future employer.

The second stage – psychological test

It is designed to clarify the motives, values, priorities and personal qualities of the applicant. Here you can face tests, situational brainteasers or trick questions:

  • What you choose: work on a promising project for a small salary or unpromising, but well-paid?
  • Number values: career, development, money.
  • How do you see yourself in 5 years?

To these questions no definite answer – the main thing here is to think through responses in advance, in order not to crease later in the interview and show, what you are still undecided in life.

The third stage – technical interview

  1. Analytical mind

It will be judged, proceeding from the fact, how logical you present your thoughts intelligently and make up a summary. Also be ready to solve some logical problems.

  1. Knowledge of basic IT concepts and fundamentals of software development.

You should also have knowledge of OOP. To make a good impression, it is not necessary to memorize definitions from the book – you have to understand, what are you talking about. Better know less, but know at a sufficient level.

You can ask:

  • What do you know the development stage of the project?
  • On which layers are divided into application?
  • Do you know what stage applications?
  1. Knowledge in business analysis.

What to bring:

  • Diploma.
  • Certificates (if any).
  • Documentation and prototypes, you developed.

I would like to advise to read the book Karl E. Wiegers "Software Requirements", and practice in solving problems on logic and intelligence.


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