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The real estate agent must have a sixth sense, to some extent, to get the maximum benefit from the transaction and leave the client satisfied with my purchase. Good agents develop these qualities for many years, but it is, and to what extent they were rewarded in the form of money, they earn their experiences and feelings.

Requirements for the realtor

Good, large agencies impose a lot of requirements for applicants, but if you break through, get and return! Are taken into account various factors, different agencies may vary.

  • Experience – sometimes it is mandatory.
  • Learning – You need to grab on the fly, in this profession it is impossible to blunt!
  • Negotiation skills – there are a large number of books, to help develop this ability.
  • Expressive appearance – you have a suit? It is useful!
  • Proficiency in the Russian language – will have to talk a lot, improve your speech and diction.
  • Willingness to work irregular hours – uncertainty sometimes well paid.

The duties of a real estate agent

different agencies, different duties, but the main activity will consist of conversations with people, travel deals.

  • Incoming and outgoing calls to customers
  • The presentation of the services of real estate
  • Consulting clients on real estate issues
  • Showing of real estate by agreement with clients
  • Prepare relevant documents
  • Selection of promotional materials for clients

Personal qualities

  • Initiative – professionals always prove themselves first;
  • Communication skills – communication with people, should be to your advantage;
  • A sense of humor – a great tool to start a relationship;
  • Hard work, the desire to earn with dignity – the agent will help in this;
  • Dedication – to achieve your goal should always!
  • Responsibility – for good performance, the number one quality;
  • Diligence – follow the instructions, and you will be a bonus;
  • Leadership qualities – you may have to lead the team;
  • Stress resistance – learn how to keep yourself, and don't show weakness;
  • Confidence – it shows people, they are eager to contact.

The list can be extended ad infinitum, but the main, the principle quality is specified. If you have them, you are a desirable employee for any company!

Additional skills

  • To work with the computer – you need to be able! At least at the primary level
  • Knowledge of foreign languages will show you in the best light
  • Ability to use office equipment (printer, scanner, Fax…)
  • Law or car – a good indicator of your past work

Write, more useful information about yourself, perhaps your next hobby could be a powerful argument when getting a job.

Sample resume

For the position of real estate agent

Photo summaryThe Name

Date of birth:
Marital status:
Home address:
Contact phone:
El. mail:

Goals and achievements:

The most important part in a resume, should be as informative as possible and reflect your life and career achievements. Show how experienced you are in your field and you like the profession of real estate agent. You need this part – to maximize the interest of the employer!


200_ – 200_
  • School (Faculty)
  • Specialty
199_ – 200_
  • School (Faculty)
  • Specialty

Additional education:

200_ – 200_
  • School,
  • The name of courses or seminars.
  • Obtained qualification
199_ – 200_
  • School,
  • The name of courses or seminars.
  • Obtained qualification.


200_ – 200_
  • The name of the company,
  • Position,
  • Responsibilities and achievements.
199_ – 200_
  • The name of the company,
  • Position,
  • Responsibilities and achievements.

Achievements at previous jobs:

Section where you should describe your experience and prove, that you are the right candidate, which is needed for the post of real estate agent.

Knowledge of foreign languages:

In specify the degree of knowledge of foreign languages

Skills of work with computer and office equipment:

Here, specify the degree of computer skills, office equipment and software relevant to your post

Driving license (Optional):

Enter information about your driving license and own car, if they are.

Additional information:

In this section, specify any additional information, which may affect management's decision regarding your candidacy. It is necessary to describe achievements of, examples of successful transactions and all, that can relate to pretendemos posts.

Examples summary:

Download summary real estate agent

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