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Chef pastry chef capable of cooking how recipes, and experimenting with food, making delicious cakes, desserts, cakes.

  • Baker pastry chef – working bread-baking plant, responsible for bakery and bread.
  • Chef pastry chef – organizes and plans the only pastry shop in the enterprise. Monitors the quality and speed of cooking, maintains records of ingredients used, instructs employees and is responsible for safety.
  • Pastry technologist – keeps a record of used and mix ingredients when making desserts and baking, controls expenses shop. Pastry decorator – decorates and prepares ready-made meals before serving to the client institution.

It is easy to create a resume, with such strong qualities, useful in the work:

  • endurance,
  • originality,
  • cleanliness.

Work chef the maximum common, a vacancy on the confectioner particularly promising, as the need for sweet and delicious food is for everyone.

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For the position of pastry chef

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The Name

  • Date of birth:
  • Marital status:
  • Home address:
  • Contact phone:
  • El. mail:


to occupy the vacancy cook pastry

  • Professional chef with 15 years of experience.
  • A high level of RAM.
  • Tactile, muscular and temperature sensitivity.
  • Good aesthetic taste.
  • Ability to work in team.
  • Physically and emotionally resilient.
  • The presence of the sanitary book.
  • There are recommendations from previous places.

Achievements and skills

  • The ability to present products.
  • Develop your own recipes.
  • Knowledge of shelf life of ingredients and finished products.
  • Excellent knowledge of types and properties of food raw materials, formulations and method of preparation.


200_-200_ gg. Professional College. Pastry chef.

While studying, she interned at the public catering enterprises and restaurants, gained practical experience and developed the necessary skills.

Additional education

200_ g. The course of Mikhail Kozakov in the network of restaurants "the lighthouse". Certificate of pastry chef-professional.

Annual courses for professional development in educational skills development centre "VIVA"


200_ – 200_ gg. Hotel-restaurant complex "Ajax". Pastry chef.

  • Keeping a notebook of raw materials consumption and the daily intake sheet.
  • Making cakes, cupcakes, cookies, desserts.
  • Discussion and banquets.

200_ – 200_ gg. The restaurant "volna" pastry Chef.

  • Preparation of raw materials.
  • Making desserts.
  • Catering, weddings, etc.
  • Drafting technological maps.

Personal qualities and traits

  • A positive attitude, the desire to create.
  • Communication skills (worked in the team).
  • A good memory
  • Speed

Additional information

  • Confident PC user.
  • Know how to electronic documentation.

Knowledge of foreign languages: fluent, Ukrainian, English.

Examples of CV format

For this position you need vocational secondary education and experience, without it, it's worth training an assistant chef.

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