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Enter your dignity, the speed of work and career achievement, this will help you to achieve a high status among employers, just have to prove it, so go ahead! Link to download summary of Autohouse below.

Job requirements

As you already know: employers need experienced people, without experience it is really arranged, but it will depend on your wages.

  • Ability to work with coloring materials – the work will have to use different equipment, you should be familiar, or to learn quickly.
  • Knowledge of safetyпродемонстрируйте владение техникой безопасности, либо напишите, что знаете её, травмы никому не нужны
  • Владение оборудованиемваша обязанность отвечать за внешним видом машины, before the chief and client. Prove, what you can rely on.

Duties of Autohouse

Duties will be your depend on the employer, but you will deal the appearance of the car – body, painting the straightening. Possible work:

  • Work on straightening machine (the alignment of the car body)
  • Replacement of damaged parts (possible welding)
  • Disassembly of the car before straightening and painting
  • The Assembly of the car after straightening and painting

Personal qualities for this position

  • Cleanliness in the workplace – in this profession it is difficult to keep clean, but who can, he valued much more.
  • Responsibility – key quality, follow all, what happens – it will be rewarded.
  • Creativity – you have to be smart in work, think more, develop.

You can speak about the qualities, but all of them are different, this does not mean, someone more suitable for this vacancy, кто-то меньше. Пишите правду о себе и вас заметят! Может вы пытаетесь избавится от вредной привычкиотметьте это в резюме.

Дополнительные навыки автомаляра

  • Художественное образование сыграет вам на руку, если оно действительно есть укажите это в резюме. Though, может вы отлично рисуете и без образования?
  • Владения компьютерными программами, типа Фотошоп окажутся полезными в продвижении в карьерном росте.
  • Recommendationsотличное подспорье при приеме на эту должность, имея хорошии отзывы можно не бояться конкуренции.
  • Portfolioальтернатива рекомендациям, ваша работа сделанная на Ура, расскажет больше любого резюме.

Sample resume

На должность автомаляра

Photo summaryThe Name

Date of birth:
Marital status:
Home address:
Contact phone:
El. mail:

Goals and achievements:

The most important part in a resume, should be as informative as possible and reflect your life and career achievements. Покажите насколько вы опытны в своей области и вам нравится профессия автомаляра. You need this part – to maximize the interest of the employer!


200_ – 200_
  • School (Faculty)
  • Specialty
199_ – 200_
  • School (Faculty)
  • Specialty

Additional education:

200_ – 200_
  • School,
  • The name of courses or seminars.
  • Obtained qualification
199_ – 200_
  • School,
  • The name of courses or seminars.
  • Obtained qualification.


200_ – 200_
  • The name of the company,
  • Position,
  • Responsibilities and achievements.
199_ – 200_
  • The name of the company,
  • Position,
  • Responsibilities and achievements.

Achievements at previous jobs:

Section where you should describe your experience and prove, that you are the right candidate, for this post.

Knowledge of foreign languages:

In specify the degree of knowledge of foreign languages

Skills of work with computer and office equipment:

Here, specify the degree of computer skills, office equipment and software relevant to your post

Driving license (Optional):

Enter information about your driving license and own car, if they are.

Additional information:

In this section, specify any additional information, which may affect management's decision regarding your candidacy. It is necessary to describe achievements of, examples of successful transactions and all, that can relate to pretendemos posts.

Examples summary:

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