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In this article you will find step by step instructions on resume writing, as well as tips and examples, which will help you to attract attention to his person, to stand out among competitors and take a competitive position, regardless, what's your specialty.

To create a resume, in fact its not difficult, it is important to make it so, that would be among the competitors, you stood out quite clearly, and it's worth some effort.How to write a summary

Mainly the majority of the resumes look the same, of course there are some rules, but you also need to impress, and for this, train yourself to have individual style. After all 90% your competitors will say the standard phrase, which employers are tired of, even you, most likely they say:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Punctuality
  3. Diligence
  4. Perseverance
  5. Communication skills, etc.

This from you and waiting, if you want to stand out from the competition – you need to engage and interest the employer, then you get the benefit and be justly rewarded. Correctly written resume – do, deserves attention, and if you carefully read the material on this website, will be correct and catchy summary, then you put it in a separate folder and show the head in the first place!

Soon you will learn powerful rules, you will need to apply...

The First Rule: Making a resume – imagine, you need to sell the most expensive thing for you (himself, of course). Let the employer need you, prove, in the specific area you are an expert and this area is exclusively, important to him. It is important to understand, what would your expertise match the position, for which you are applying.

Believe me! This rule works for many years and if you do it right, possible, this will be enough.'s only the first rule.

What is the primary mission summary?

Summary – a card, your personal, professional self-esteem, which task is profitable to sell you, or rather your experience, knowledge and skills, for a pre-planned result. Think about these words!

The summary should be made on the basis of several rules, придерживайтесь их и добьетесь успеха in a profession, and later career:

  • Short. The summary should not be very large, on average, the reading summary is given about a minute of time, often even less. The optimal size – one page A4.
  • Specificity. Try to be as clearly as possible the dates, names, addresses. You will impress the business person, with that responsibility, to jobs.
  • Truthfulness. There are moments, when you want to embellish reality. Do not write a lie, sooner or later it will reveal, and you have to pay the penalty.
  • Selectivity. Collect information for summary, include those aspects, which will be useful in posts, for which you are applying.


Most clearly marked in those areas, which in the first place people look, ie. this would be information, which will attract the employer's attention to your person. The following describes the procedure for writing a summary.

The Second Rule: The clearer you can formulate your goal, the more attention and professional interest you will attract. People, who knows, what does he need the position and what skills he has – it deserves attention. Preferably, also specify the level of wages.

The order of writing the sections of a resume:

Внешний вид резюме должен быть приятен глазу и не содержать лишних элементов на странице! Имеет значение наличие вашего фото и четкая структура:

  • Personal data – ФИО, Дату рождения, Place of residence, Phone, E-mail.

Ivanov Vitaly A.
Date of birth: 24.07.1980
Place of residence: Ekaterinburg, ul. Bolshakova, 77-419.
Phone: 8 XXX XXX-XX-XX(mob.), XXX-XX-XX (house.).

  • Goal – In this paragraph, write what vacancy you are applying. You should know precisely what you want! The more, this is the most important part of your resume!

Goal, or life achievements – focuses on this part of his summary, it needs to be exciting and intuitive, what would the reader want to meet you in live. This part should be located at the top of the resume under your personal data.

  • Education – Provide basic education, which allows you to apply for this position. Specify years of study, institution and has qualified (specialty). Also mention additional courses or workshops, but only, if they are related to the vacancy.

2002 – 2007 gg.
Ural state University. A. M. Bitter
Faculty: Historical
Specialty: The historian-archivist
Additional education:
2003 g. Ural-Siberian Institute of business
The program "Integrated marketing"

  • Experience – List your most recent job, since the last (current). Specify the period of work, company name, the scope of activities, the position and responsibilities, as well as specific achievement.

March 2009 – Present.
Company: "West"
Sphere: Wholesale trade of food products
The post: GL. accountant
Responsibilities: Accounting and tax accounting, reporting to FSS, IMNS, work in the common system of taxation.

Basically a section is reminiscent of the work book, уделите внимание этому пункту и вы получите преимущество. Omit irrelevant experience, which has nothing to do with jobs! Make it with care and get out

  • Additional information – this item is not required, but they can affect the final decision. Specify skills, relevant to the goal summary – languages, computer, programs relevant to the profession, etc.
PC: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CorelDraw, PhotoShop.
German — fluent, English — conversational.
Driving licence b category, personal car.

Example of a resumeIn the main (the most readable parts) – describe significant events, which have occurred in your professional career, what level of skill you've achieved over the years and in what areas is deservedly considered an expert. Write how are you different from other experts, возможно у вас есть награды, get your Manager to read your resume till the end!!!

How to please the HR Manager?

Before answering this question, let's see, looks like the work of Manager and objectives, he has to perform to select candidates

  1. To create and post vacancy announcements.
  2. After a sufficient number of received resumes, candidates need to weed out and select the best for phone-calls and polling.
  3. After the call the part of the candidates will be out again, and the rest need to interview again and choose the best.
  4. And the last interview, you may already practice, will be in the Department, where a staff member is required.

Do not worry! You will be able to draw attention to yourself, if the quality will be summary. You, for a start, you need to get an interview, and to do this, follow these steps:

  • Come to the resume writing seriously, give the compilation a lot of time. Make two versions and send them together, if you can't decide.
  • You must be presentable Inbox, with your name is best (do not use mail form: superman@mail, etc.)
  • Try to use understandable language, don't use too abstruse, or utterances, nobody reads them! Tell the professional story of his career – that's all I need.
  • Separate your resume into its component parts, а основную информацию делайте более заметной, но в то же время, не переусердствуйте.
  • Не делайте многостраничники с полной информацией о себе, резюме должно быть на 1 страницу А4 (максимум 2)
  • Созвонитесь с работодателем, по возможности, узнайте дошло ли резюме и как скоро будет известен результат.

Третье Правило: Будьте уверены в себе! Все волнуются на собеседованиях, даже работодатели. Вы должны олицетворять уверенного в себе человека и внушать спокойствие своим видом, а не ощущение того, что вам плохо. Как этого добиться? Есть один способ! Но о нем вы узнаете в следующей статье.

Вот несколько нестандартно составленных резюме, которые привлекут внимание работодателя, но вы должны четко понимать, как это отразится на отношении к вам. В некоторых случаях креативность уместна, в некоторых нет.

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