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Summary the driver

Summary the driver
Автор статьи
Александр Филатов
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Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
Driver person, skilled in driving one or more categories car.

A very wide diversity in the profession creates a lot of directions, each of which has its own characteristics and job descriptions.

  • The family of the driver is the man, to take your children to school, and bring them back, take your wife shopping shopping, and you.
  • Taxi driver – the driver of a public light transport, razvozyaschy people in any part of the city with the fare on the taximeter or a fixed amount.
  • Personal driver one of the most common vacancies in the field of driving. Such a professional should possess a number of specific skills and qualities, the lack of which will cause non-fulfillment of their duties. The most important thing, it skills the possession of cars of different brands and types, since it is unknown what the machine can be used in the household from the employer, it is advisable to master the category of E, With, D.

Category "E" – driving vehicles with a trailer. Such a category is not issued separately by itself, but only is complementary to other types of road rights.

Category "s" is the driver of the truck weight from 3.5 to 5 tons.

Category D – buses.

  • Tasks the driver of the freight forwarder are transporting goods from one point to another, personal presence at the moment of receipt of the product and its validation, to control the integrity of cargo and processing of all documents confirming the loading and unloading values.
  • Driver with a personal car man, used to transport personal transport and works either on itself, or organization.
  • Responsibilities the driver of the truck is to manage lift trucks and lifting mechanisms, in ensuring the continued health and safety of the goods.
  • The truck driver supplying car for loading and unloading of cargo, fixes the minor faults during operation, having a small assistance and is relevant documents.
  • The driver of the truck engaged in cargo transportation of inert materials and carries out timely maintenance of the machine.
  • Work courier driver is the delivery of the required material using personal or rented vehicles to its destination in the shortest time.

There is the post of drivers security guards are trained people, responsible, as for the personal safety of the client, and for the safety of transported valuable property and documents. The duties of a driver, a security guard includes the following tasks:

  1. the choice of the most safe and optimal path,
  2. the protection and security of the client's life and all his family,
  3. the implementation of the care and keeping of the vehicle,
  4. providing reports on expenditures and expenses for the maintenance and repair of transport.

To write a CV professional driver for the device to work, you must adhere to strict rules of literate narrative and indicate the presence of such personal qualities useful in this activity:

  • care,
  • patience,
  • endurance,
  • stress resistance,
  • efficiency,
  • responsibility,
  • honesty.

To vacancy personal driver fairly easy. Сама профессия не сложная, but will have to try, that would please the employer.


A sample of the finished summary

The position of personal driver

Summary the driver

The Name

  • Date of birth:
  • Marital status:
  • Home address:
  • Contact phone:
  • El. Mail:

Goal: to vacancy personal driver

  • Highly skilled professional driver. 15 years of successful experience as a personal driver.
  • Excellent knowledge in maintenance of vehicles.
  • Knowledge of business communication and etiquette.
  • Understanding of privacy against the employer in respect of conservation of information.
  • Pleasant appearance.
  • Good physical shape.
  • Impeccable reputation (have recommendations).

Achievements and skills

  1. In 2010 g qualified driver 1 class.
  2. The master of sports on free-style wrestling.
  3. Have the permission to carrying the traumatic weapon.
  4. The experience of driving different cars, cars.


1996-2000 gg. Konotop and transport College. Operation of road transport. Technician.

While studying, she interned at the ATP g. Konotop, have gained hands-on experience in the maintenance and repair of vehicles.

Additional education

2013 g. training “Personal driver”. Training company “VIP staff” Kiev

2014 g. training “Personal driver”. Development center staff ” Eldon”. g. Moscow


2000-2005 gg. Legal company “Garant”. Personal driver Director.

  • Delivery and support Manager for business issues.
  • Execution of business orders.
  • Shipping documentation.
  • Meeting and transportation of guests and partners of the company.

2006-2015gg. Company “Arcade”. Personal driver of Vice President of the company.

  • Transportation Vice President on business issues.
  • Security supervisor.
  • Delivery and support on business trips.
  • The implementation of economic and other assignments.

Personal qualities and traits

  • Purposeful (improve their skills);
  • Punctual (shipping supervisor within the prescribed period);
  • Responsible (strict adherence to the rules of the road);
  • Communication skills (work with heads of, with their guests and partners);
  • Stress (visit training, sports);
  • I have no bad habits.

Additional information

  • Confident PC user.
  • Driving vehicles, category “a,B,B1,,E”

Knowledge of foreign languages: fluent, Ukrainian and English, German and French with the dictionary.

Examples summary

Find a way to show herself as a good employer and as a reward, get a decent job.

You must know well the terrain of the city and to be able to fill out the paperwork. In some cases you need to maintain the confidentiality of the transported Luggage. Mandatory requirements include a driver's license with the necessary categories, sometimes driving experience of two years and a full secondary education.

Job search should start among the wealthy: businessmen, leaders, of Directors, top managers etc. Send your professional resume for driver in a large company (с сопроводительным письмом), give the ad in a financial journal.

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