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Summary of a programmer

Summary of a programmer
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
Программист – человек, специализирующийся на компьютерной технике и занимающийся разработкой программного обеспечения для операционных систем.

With a variety of programs and all sorts of variations of code can't handle one person, therefore, the profession is divided into several areas.

Programmer 1C – develops, and further supports the organization's programs of "1C", necessary for full automation activities in the company.

This Russian company, initially based only on accounting and management accounting, but now her program covers staffing and inventory, manages the warehouses and charges salaries.

The duties of this profession will include: consulting and user support, the need to create technical documents and instructions of use to produce software. You also need to configure and administer the configuration of 1C and optimize automation company.

  • Technician programmer worker, performs all technical issues, involved in software development and its testing with the further improvement.
  • Programmer Bitrix or php programmer, all this experienced master, which is thus the web programmer, while doing the integration of applications in a ready-made website. The end result of the work is finished online store, corporate website, online training, the forum, or even a new social network! The list of possibilities is almost limitless, the main thing to know, what people need, and give it.
  • Python programmer its main objective is the creation using the programming language of new services and applications, and their subsequent adaptation.
  • Engineer – checks code for errors, tests to check its performance, found defects they are immediately removed, comes up with the interface and system updates, and in the end negotiates the terms of the performance of such work.

Duties of the programmer

A feature of the profession is the distance. You are not tied to a specific location, can work in the office, and can freelance, from the comfort of home. Work is also well paid, and the varieties of occupations quite a lot, such as: PHP, Delphi, Java – programmers continue…

  • Software development, applications, sites
  • Installation and debugging of existing programs
  • Working with networks and databases
  • Support and layout of sites, etc.

Job task of a web programmer are to transfer layouts web designers on the Internet, thereby, live and functional sites. Without this man, implementation of a web project becomes impossible, because it plays a key role in the adaptation of all the ideas and developments under the user's environment.

The duties of the novice programmer can be very different, depending on their chosen specialty, but the main, this design and subsequent development of the programs or sites. Programmer trainee must have such useful qualities as:

  • care,
  • a good memory,
  • efficiency,
  • responsibility,
  • perseverance,
  • the challenge.

The need, first of all, read the questions and understand the project customer. The process of writing the required program, or "layout" of the layout – the process of recovery. The peculiarity of such employment in, it is done at home, just agreeing with the customer all the details.

Education requirements

  • Высшее education – for high positions in IT companies
  • Computer skills expert level
  • Knowledge of programming languages
  • The ability to create programs, scripts, sites – depends on duties
  • The possession of perseverance, the pursuit of growth, wit, creativity

Programmer student even no experience work can find a job, or undermining of knowledge and experience, start working on yourself doing, the Internet sphere.

The salary of a programmer

How high wages will receive the programmer depends on his experience and knowledge, in order, that would test their abilities and to assess the level of fees – work as a freelancer, it is also possible to assess the relevance of your knowledge.

Starting with the position of trainee, you can grow to head of Department, in terms of career growth, the profession holds great promise. Or by selecting a specific job you can narrow down the work initially to make summary php programmer, summary java programmer, Bitrix programmer etc, depending on your knowledge.

What should be the summary web programmer?

Short, and as informative as possible. Every detail matters! Specify your skills, list the programs you own, the employer needs to know how much you surpass the competitors, treat with attention to each item of its summary, this is a very delicate profession, it always need to be more alert to the requirements of the employer.

Skills summary, which must have the applicant following:

  • knowledge of most of the auxiliary programs,
  • ability to quickly understand someone else's code,
  • have experience,
  • to own one or more programming languages, what makes a worker extremely popular.

A sample of the finished summary of a programmer

Summary of a programmer

The Name

  • Date of birth:
  • Marital status:
  • Home address:
  • Contact phone:
  • El. Mail:


To take a position on the programmer.

  • Extensive experience with electronic databases.
  • Knowledge of java language, mysql, Bitrix.

Achievements and skills

  • Created the company website.
  • Wrote and implemented the necessary scripts, using HTML5, Flash, blocks in JavaScript and PHP


200_-200_ гг. Computer Academy. JavaScript programmer and PHP

  • In practice It specialist travel company

Additional education

200_ g. Courses web programming


200_-200_ gg. Internet shop of computer equipment. Programmer.

  • System administration of the corporate network.
  • Installation and maintenance of software.
  • Creating profiles of employees of the company.
  • Install and update necessary software.

200_-200_ gg. Freelance. Application development for Android

200_-200_ gg. Computer service. Technician programmer

  • Repair and setup of computer equipment.
  • Express installation software.

Personal qualities and traits

  • Perseverance
  • Diligence
  • Analytical mind
  • Communication skills

Additional information

  • License category B

Knowledge of foreign languages: English, Russian.

Examples of CV format

There are many options for the use of their knowledge in the field of programming, you will need more and to pay for your knowledge, not even an experienced specialist will be able to find a job, if not in the company, the freelance.

Specifically indicate the scope of its competence, relying on the knowledge and skills. В резюме программиста стоит описать не только основные свои умения, but the possibility of expanding knowledge in the field, for example: the challenge for the position – the layout of sites, and you are well versed in their field, но без experience в среде mysql или администрировании серверов.

Подайте себя максимально выгодно для работодателя, if he hires a staff of competent people in your face, but learning anything new takes a little time. After meticulously written resume you will get a job in any company!

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