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Summary chefs

Summary chefs
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
Поваркухонный работник, занимается приготовлением блюд. Великолепная работа, позволяющая человеку раскрыть свою уникальность, проявить потенциал и добиться высот на профессиональном поприще.

On this page you will find useful tips and advice on resume writing chef. Download ready template at the bottom of the page, complete based on our recommendations and arrange a good job in a popular restaurant!

Immediately advise to prepare traversed medical book and documents about the specialized education.

Requirements for the chef

  • Education – for good position you need, not only, to have the appropriate knowledge, but to have a certificate confirming this fact. Необязательно иметь профильное education, in some cases you can go through chef's course or have a good experience, sometimes this will be enough.
  • Medical examination – take care health book! Undergo a medical examination in advance, to save your time and nerves in future. The presence of completed books will play in your favor, if a worker is needed urgently!
  • Overalls – some places will give you branded clothing, or made to order, but mostly you will work in a personal, at least, at first. Prepare in advance a form, bring it in working condition – this attitude you will be counted for sure.
  • Cleanliness – an important requirement! Do not forget to clean and disinfect the work area and tools, return the dishes to their places.
  • Cooking technology – you need to understand the characteristics and nuances of the dishes, you will prepare, also to know the tastes of foods and spices, cooking time, weight etc.

To quickly get acquainted with the menu, serving and ingredients – make a scanned copy or photo of the restaurant menu in advance, and then the training will be several times faster.

  • Experienceno experience работы на кухне, it is difficult to get a normal position, but at desire it is possible to obtain the position of assistant chef and learn all the basic processes. If опыт есть, in summary focus on the quality of their knowledge and references from past jobs.

Duties of the caterer

In the kitchen you will have to perform quite different tasks: to keep order, to bring the dish to the taste, to prepare the products for processing, to help my colleagues and many other things. In this list we have tried to list the main responsibilities of the cook, that you need to accomplish, starting with internships.

  • Cooking different types of dishes, based on the methods prescribed in the flow charts of the restaurant.
  • Clearance and holiday dishes on the stated requirements.
  • Quality control is acted on kitchen products and their processing.
  • Estimation and procurement (cooking) the required number of products, for comfortable work shift.

If you are applying for higher and paid the post, and would include more responsible processes:

  • Opening institutions from scratch – this is a great chance to start a professional career, but he falls not often.
  • Developing and upgrading the menu.
  • Costing of food and preparation of technological maps.
  • Training new staff and coordinating its.
  • The calculation of the required quantities of products and consumables, his purchase.

Good job got easier, in summary, you must specify, you, directly have contacts of good and reliable suppliers of quality raw materials, on special conditions of working with you. If the restaurant needs to reduce costs – they will take this into consideration.

Career, earnings and additional income

Career chef originates from receiving relevant education or courses, or the work of assistant cooks or kitchen work. Next, you fill your Luggage of knowledge, various recipes and specific cooking. After being an assistant to become a bet chef, then the senior chefs, shift supervisor, sous-chef, and later you will become a chef, maybe you run your own place.

The average salary for a chef is around 250 – 450$ per month, depending on the place of work. Chef, in a normal restaurant, earns from 1000$ the monthly fee.

It is also possible additional overtime earnings: banquets, custom orders, substitution of colleagues, master classes…

Personal qualities chefs

Work in the kitchen gives the cook a certain list of qualities, as experience is constantly evolving. If you aim for a position of kitchen worker, you probably, managed to acquire the main ones:

  • Speed
  • Care
  • Accuracy
  • Stress resistance

Specify the qualities, what do you like to cook, what do you love delicious and healthy food, constantly trying new directions and develop in the direction of culinary.

Skills for resume chef

Pay attention to this paragraph in the summary! Place information about your skills on the first page and try to highlight the most important your knowledge and experience, for example:

Opened restaurant from scratch, I know all the nuances of the organization of production, document management and reduce procurement costs.

If your experience does not allow you to boast serious skills – you can always file a simple skill in a favorable light. Here is a simple example:

Have excellent skill of fast preparation of hot and cold dishes, excellent taste perception and a strong desire to work in your restaurant.

Style requirements summary

Welcome business style. The main focus is on the experience, try to highlight it, as much as possible. Just as important, how about you speak to past employers and errands and responsibilities included in your competence. List in order of importance of sections:

  1. The experience of the chefs
  2. Responsibilities in past positions
  3. Recommendations from previous jobs
  4. Education
  5. Achievements in professional career

Despite the fact, that education is not the main criterion for selection of chefs, still, preference is given to candidates with specialized knowledge.

How to make a CV cooks?

Summary should not exceed one A4 page. In the case, when you have a very rich experience, the employer requires a detailed summary – allowed volume in two A4 sheet. But the entire focus of attention is on the front page.

Photo – Cook is not required, except for the requirement of her presence. But if you really want to get this position – take care of the availability of high-quality, professional photo in your resume.

Personal data – the most intuitive item, which many words can not speak, but still, there are some points and rules, which should adhere to, to prevent blunder at the simplest section.

Goal – the item describes you in the face of employer! Preferably, meticulously select the information, you intend to show in this column. Thanks to section “goal” in summary, you can showcase your candidacy in a favorable light.

Experience – is intended to familiarize you with your responsibilities and positions in previous jobs. Describe in detail the most important tasks, you have been doing.

Education – can play a crucial role in approving you for the desired position, but in some cases, the decision will affect the qualification and experience. correctly completed section on education will show the boss, what do you knowing the business people.

Achievements in the last placex – Describe your personal victories or experience in a few words. What is important to your employer? How delicious, or how fast they are released? Perhaps you own unique method of cooking sauce or learned from famous chefs… Think!

A sample of the finished summary

For the position of chef

Summary chefs

The Name

  • Date of birth:
  • Marital status:
  • Home address:
  • Contact phone:
  • El. Mail:

Goals and achievements:

The most important part in a resume, should be as informative as possible and reflect your life and career achievements. Show how experienced you are in your field and you like the profession of a cook. You need this part – to maximize the interest of the employer!


200_ – 200_
  • School (Faculty)
  • Specialty
199_ – 200_
  • School (Faculty)
  • Specialty

Additional education:

200_ – 200_
  • School,
  • The name of courses or seminars.
  • Obtained qualification
199_ – 200_
  • School,
  • The name of courses or seminars.
  • Obtained qualification.


200_ – 200_
  • The name of the company,
  • Position,
  • Responsibilities and achievements.
199_ – 200_
  • The name of the company,
  • Position,
  • Responsibilities and achievements.

Achievements at previous jobs:

Section where you should describe your experience and prove, that you are the right candidate, for this post.

Knowledge of foreign languages:

In specify the degree of knowledge of foreign languages

Skills of work with computer and office equipment:

Here, specify the degree of computer skills, office equipment and software relevant to your post

Driving license (Optional):

Enter information about your driving license and own car, if they are.

Additional information:

In this section, specify any additional information, which may affect management's decision regarding your candidacy. It is necessary to describe achievements of, examples of successful transactions and all, that can apply to jobs.

Examples summary

That would go all the way from the assistant to the chef of the restaurant, нужно немало работать над своими skills, to replenish the Treasury of knowledge and constantly strive to show the world their skills, even though it will be difficult.

Любой, длинный и тяжелый путь начинается с одного маленького шага, so let's lay the Foundation for future success with writing a proper summary for the amazing post of chef.

Download summary chefs


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