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Summary of the appraiser

Summary of the appraiser
Автор статьи
Александр Филатов
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Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
Appraiser – a trained expert, specializing in the determination of the real value of all types of property, and this: real estate, movable, stock, land and even intangible assets.

На сегодняшний день эта профессия входит в десятку наиболее перспективных и престижных работ!

The activities of the real estate appraiser is to calculate the value of the property when buying or selling. The estimator produces its calculations using mathematical formulas, researching the market and working with documents. Мнение эксперта оценщика высоко ценится и играет ключевую роль при финансовом оценивании.

Такая работа требует от соискателя наличия высшего специального образования, possession of a qualifying certificate in the field of evaluation, analytical mindset and skills of business communication with customers.

To personal qualities стоит отнести обязательное присутствие выдержки, care, patience and stability.

Merchandise appraiser or appraiser of a pawnshop perform the exact same functions, only in the narrow environment of employment. Assistant appraiser mainly does paperwork, conducts business correspondence, maintains records of the assessment of motor vehicles, equipment and so on. Training for this position is a promising and highly paid business in the future.

A sample of the finished summary

For the position of appraiser

Summary of the appraiser

The Name

  • Date of birth:
  • Marital status:
  • Home address:
  • Contact phone:
  • El. Mail:


To take a position evaluator

15 years in determining the real value of the property (movable and immovable), share of business, stakes, land, intangible assets, of intellectual property, property rights (about two thousand of successfully completed assessments, analytical reports, market research).

  • High responsibility.
  • Impeccable reputation.
  • Have recommendations.
  • Willingness to travel.

Achievements and skills

  • The presence of their client base.
  • Knowledge of international valuation standards.
  • Excellent knowledge of evaluation methods.
  • Certificate of estimating entity.
  • Qualification certificate issued by the state property Fund of Ukraine (qualification certificate of material form in the directions 1.1-1.7 and qualification of non-material forms according to directions 2.1 -2.5).
  • Certificate of registration information specialist in the State register of appraisers.
  • Certificate of member of regional Union of appraisers.
  • Large successful experience in reporting and reconciliation with banks and auditors.
  • Knowledge of car devices and programs on assessment of body repair.


200_ – 200_ gg. National economic University. Finance and credit. Specialty economist. Specialization property valuation. Master's diploma with honors. Interned as a cashier-appraiser in a pawnshop. Gained skills to assess household and office equipment, mobile phones.

Additional education

200_ g. Every two years a mandatory refresher course for appraisers. Issued certificate.
200_ g. Training on "Valuation of commercial real estate". Training company.
200_ g. Training on "business Valuation". The Union of appraisers.


200_ – 200_ gg. Commercial Bank. Appraiser.

  • Assessment of collateral.
  • Monitoring and Analytics of real estate market.
  • Development of price proposals for the sale of.
  • Risk analysis for the Bank.

200_ – 200_ gg. Expert Bureau. Appraiser.

  • Evaluation of movable and immovable property, land, share of business.
  • The conclusion of contracts with the customer.
  • The collection and analysis of information.
  • Check out the place of the object of evaluation.
  • The search for analogs.
  • Implementation of cost calculations.
  • Report writing and preparation of acts.
  • Monitoring and analysis of markets.
  • Advisory support for customers.

Personal qualities and traits

  • No previous conviction for acquisitive crime have.
  • The contract of compulsory liability insurance of appraiser.
  • Ability to work in team and individually.

Additional information

  • Rights category.
  • Having your own car.
  • Confident PC user.
  • Knowledge of specific programs.

Knowledge of foreign languages: fluent, Ukrainian and English.

Examples of CV format

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Автор статьи
Александр Филатов
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