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Summary the sales Manager

Summary the sales Manager
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
Время на чтение: 5 minutes
What do you think: What must be in summary or attached to it?
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Мнение эксперта
Наталья Молчанова
Менеджер по подбору персонала
Manager – the word itself implies responsibility, the responsibility should be in everything! In the work, in life, organization Affairs, daily routine etc. You position yourself, as a specialist, so be it!

Work popular, any company, selling goods must have experienced Manager, to organize events to market products, execute the sales plan and maintain records.

Quality, which should have the Manager

  • Responsibility – without it anywhere!
  • Punctuality – always keep track of time.
  • The ability to analyze
  • Organizational skills, leadership nature
  • Sales experience
  • Work to result – “never give up”
  • Endurance – will have to work more than others, to achieve the best results
  • Stress resistance – very useful quality! Be sure to make it stop.
  • Courtesy – you must produce a good impression about yourself, politeness will help in this.
  • The ability to listen – you will have to solve the problem of a different sort, it is important to know about them in advance.
  • Intelligence – the above post, означает большее количество возлагаемых задачНужно тренировать ум!

Действительно хороший менеджер обладает всеми этими qualities, на самом деле их больше, but the rest are at the basis of these. It is understood, in all rules there are exceptions and achieve results, it is possible and necessary in all circumstances! Карьера менеджера по продажам весьма терниста, но те, кто добился успеха в продажах, никогда не останутся голодными.

Обязанности менеджера по продажам

Обязанности менеджера по продажам плавно вытекают из качеств (cm. выше).

  1. Построение каналов сбыта продукта или услуги
  2. Налаживание отношений между компанией и потребителями и представителями
  3. Conclusion of contracts for the sale (purchase) products
  4. Reporting and analysis of results

The duties of Manager directly depends on the place and size of the company, you decided to get. There is a basic set of knowledge and skills, which should have a qualified Manager.

Education and skills (requirements)

Similar, but a completely different concept: for companies are completely different and the conditions of employment. For some, has the value of your education, and the other important skills and experience, ideally you should have the, and the. But it all depends on the employer, who wants to see the summary, paragraphs:

  • Specialized education
  • Additional courses (specialty)
  • Computer skills
  • Sales experience (possible, business activities)


Demand Manager, can earn to 10 thousand. dollars and above. Basically, for a fixed s/n included a percentage of sales of and fulfillment of the plan. But such earnings do not go one year, you have to work hard and achieve goals, но все начинается с трудоустройства, советуем почитать статью: как правильно составить резюме.

A sample of the finished summary

На должность менеджера по продажам

Summary the sales Manager

The Name

  • Date of birth:
  • Marital status:
  • Home address:
  • Contact phone:
  • El. Mail:


Менеджер по продажам в торговой компании

Excellent knowledge of build distribution channels for the product or service. Five years of experience in sales in a large company. Constantly explore and implement their new strategies for attracting new customers. Constantly improving their skills. Communication skills. Have the ability organizatorskie, leadership nature. My motto is work to result – never give up.

Achievements and skills

  • In-depth knowledge of “Method persuasive sales”, the application of this method allowed us to increase sales by 16%.
  • Разработал схемы мотивации для дальнейшего сотрудничества (особые условия договоров, система скидок, придание статуса VIP), которая дала возможность увеличить объем заключенных сделок на 11 %.


2005 — 2010 gg. Economic University. Management. Магистр экономики.

Во время учебы по программе обмена студентами обучался в США, проходил практику в ТОВАмиранХХ1” where he gained experience in the management of active sales by phone, creating and maintaining client databases, the creation and promotion of websites.

2014g. He entered the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of psychology. Faculty: psychology of relationships (learning without on the job).

Additional education

Seminars, training, workshops for product promotion and psychology of the customer.


2010 — 2015 gg. Euro-Asian service of sales promotion. Sales Manager.

  • The conduct of successful negotiations and further support of the client.
  • Billing, the transaction.
  • The establishment of relations between the company, suppliers and consumers.

Additional information

Personal qualities and traits: sociable (experience in the team), actively promote and lead a healthy and active lifestyle, enjoy Cycling, stress (studies at the Institute of Psychology, visit training).

  • fluent, Ukrainian, English, German. Now own ususal Chinese.
  • Confident PC user, the ability of creating and promoting websites, work with client databases.
  • Driving vehicles, category “a,B,”.

Examples of CV format

Summary this position will be carefully selected, be ready initially, prepare answers for the interview in advance.

Download CV sales Manager

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Александр Юрьевич
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