Applicants, choosing to look at their prestigious profession, faced with the fact, what subsequently can't find work, and the heads of industrial enterprises in turn get another problem: the shortage of certified personnel and technical specialties.

What profession relevant today in the labour market?

Actual called such a degree, which are very important at present.

Today, professional structure of employment has:

  • the excess of the heads of more than half, compared with the last decade;
  • increased the number of specialists of the highest category;
  • increased number of people, employed in the service sector.

But workers, involved in the agricultural sector, was much smaller. С каждым годом все больше ощущается потребность в квалифицированных специалистах и простых рабочих.

The pros and cons of current professions

The main advantage of people, mastered one of the relevant professions, became high demand in the labour market.

The negative side is the fact, that will require a lot of hard work, and not always for high pay.

TOP 7 actual professions

For the present time in the labor market relevance present the following specialty:

  • Engineer. All modern human civilization is based on the application of the achievements of the labour technical workers. No production company, whether- то пищевая промышленность или тяжелое машиностроение не может обойтись без специализированных кадров. The demand for this profession every year will only grow.
  • Specialist information technology. We live in a time of global computerization. Under the post IT- specialist understand programmers and developers, network administrators and database, web designers and moderators, experts in robotics and information security, а также 3D-аниматоров. The list does not end. Every year it only expands.
  • The doctor. There is nothing more important, than human life. Despite the fact, with the advent of the development of medical equipment is becoming computerized, the medical profession does not lose its relevance. In a good many doctors need hospitals and clinics. Narrow medical specialty, такие как стоматолог, gynecologist, surgeon, speech-language pathologist and other, in connection with the emergence of private clinics will remain in demand in the coming years.
  • Worker of agriculture. Today agribusiness is in need of vets, the agronomists, experts in the field of animal husbandry. Rural specialist-agronomist will gain is not a bad option earnings. After all, someone has to sow and grow crops.
  • Marketing analyst. Difficult economic conditions have resulted in the development of trading companies ' own marketing strategies and analysis, this situation.
  • Researcher. Not so long ago due to lack of funding and of qualified personnel was closed most scientific fields. Today, the scientific organization – continuing need for competent professors, the associate professors and candidates of Sciences.
  • Technologist. Their work affects the production process and product quality. They focus on customers ' demands and develop new ways of producing products and technologies for their production.

Choosing education, remember, today in Russia there is a surplus of economists, designers, psychologists and administrative personnel and a shortage of teachers and doctors, агрономов и инженеров. Аналитики прогнозируют, this trend will continue in the coming years.

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