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The profession of psychologist

The profession of psychologist
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Александр Юрьевич
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Psychologist is a specialist, which performs research and adjustment of mental state of the person. It provides assistance in various spheres of human life: personal problems, problems of adaptation and contact with others, the problems in the relationship.

The main goal of the psychologist, therapist is to improve the emotional health of the patient.

The history of the profession of psychologist

Psychology as a science has existed for thousands of years, and is quite ancient. But many psychologists sure, that the real peak of development of this science will happen in the future.

His history of the profession stretches back to antiquity. Even then, some wise men began to describe the soul and the human mind as a system, even knowing, it was the birth of psychology.

Much time has passed, before psychology became a science. In 1590 year, Goclenius first time identified psychology as the science of the soul. But the doctrine of this science, this view, how people perceive it in modern times, psychology received from the scientist About. Kasman.

Professional holiday

  • In Russia day psychologist to take regarding 22 Nov. This holiday is not official, but on this day the first Congress of psychologists.
  • In Ukraine this holiday is celebrated 23 APR. Renowned psychologist Jean piaget predicted, what in the twenty-first century psychology is a leading science. As we can see, his prediction has come true.

Varieties of profession

The profession includes many sections and varieties. Let us learn more…

The first section of social work psychologists and work in the education system:

  • School psychologists
  • Practical psychologists in institutions
  • Psychologytoday
  • Psychologistconsultant in school
  • Teacher of psychology at the University
  • Social psychologists
  • Psychologists psychological centers
  • Family psychologists-consultants

The second section of psychologists in health care:

  • Clinical neuropsychologists
  • Psychologists in a psychiatric hospital
  • Pediatric neuropsychologists
  • Psychologists-consultants-service of emergency psychological aid
  • Psychoanalysts
  • Psychologists-igloterapii

The third section – psychologists in industrial organizations:

  • Psychologists in civil aviation
  • Ergonomist
  • Military psychologists
  • Personnel consultants
  • Psychologists-experts
  • The psychodiagnostic in personnel management
  • Organizational psychologists

The pros and cons of the profession

The profession has such advantages:

  • creative direction;
  • taking part in solving the problems of man;
  • help to many people and sincere gratitude from them;
  • personal growth and self-development;
  • the use of skills in everyday life;
  • the opportunity to learn and change yourself, and its relation to external circumstances;
  • good earnings;
  • its clientele;
  • the opportunity to work not only on the employer, but also.

However, like any other there are also disadvantages:

  • possible emotional burnout, because the psychologist always listens to other people's problems, passing them through itself;
  • tiring of the monotony – sedentary work, eternal complaints about life;
  • quite a lot of competition..

Requirements for the role

Become a really good psychologist may not all, after all, is a very subtle science of the human soul. Therefore, in this profession, the main requirement is a genuine love and respect for people. You need to understand and accept the nature of each individual.

Professional does not have to be a strict teacher, but on the contrary a good helper and friend, even in the most difficult situations. The main objective is to teach people how to cope with difficulties and make resistant to any stress.

The psychologist must do everything, so people began to believe in myself, to trust yourself, and see the life in bright colours.

Job responsibilities

The principal obligations of the psychologist:

  • the planning and execution of tests for various characteristics;
  • evaluation and interpretation of the results of the consultation;
  • consultation and therapeutic conversation;
  • support communication with family and friends customers, or their managers and employers for advice and recommendations;
  • preparation of scientific and practical information and reports;
  • participation in events, which relate to onboarding.

The employee shall timely advise and inform managers, at the company where they work, about the possible problems and conflicts, the social development team.


Responsibility of psychologists is to:

  • the failure to perform their duties;
  • the violation of labor discipline;
  • non-compliance with the order, instructions and orders.

Authority of a psychologist

A psychologist has the right to:

  • familiarization with management decisions;
  • the proposals of the administration, which touch on the subject of improving the quality of service and improving the organization of labor;
  • to inform the user about the shortcomings in the process and offer methods of their elimination;
  • participation in conferences and other events, relevant to this field;
  • ask the managers assistance in the performance of its professional rights and responsibilities.

The features of the profession

The profession of psychologist, in our time, is a prestigious and popular. Psychology – this is the art of communication, understanding, support and assistance.

Help from a psychologist uses an increasing number of people, in today's world it is quite difficult to avoid stress and crisis. So people looking for support and understanding from the experts.

  1. Professional must be able to listen, to understand the position of man, his feelings and intentions. The story of a client he must pass through, to understand all the nuances and peculiarities of the situation. Only then can you conclude, how best and efficiently to help people. Assistance is reflected in the fact, it helps to see the situation from the outside, helps to look inside yourself and find resources for recovery and exit from a problem situation.
  2. A psychologist can not make decisions for the client, it can only send, to help you to understand your own needs and desires. Specialist also can help to normalize the emotional state, and to bring to life the long-awaited harmony. But it is important. It is only in calm, adequate and filled condition, the person may make the most right decisions.

Profession interesting and creative, but requires constant development and improvement. Only a sincere desire to help people, the desire to develop for the benefit of yourself and others, helps professionals to achieve good results.

Professional skills

A psychologist should know:

  • age and typological features of people;
  • the dynamics of personality development in ontogenesis;
  • the ratio of literate education, training and development;
  • the peculiarities of interaction between learning and training;
  • psychological processes and phenomena in relation to, development, behavior.

Professionals need to possess the following skills:

  • conduct individual and group consultations;
  • conducting psychological tests and their analysis;
  • the psychological profile of the client;
  • work with adolescents and adults;
  • the ability to listen to customer problems, to realize it, to feel and help her to cope with him;
  • participation in the training, help in their development;
  • introspection and self-control.

The worker must understand family psychology, learn to predict scenarios, to make individual, age or family counseling, to comply with business ethics.

Personal qualities of a psychologist

The presence and amount of necessary qualities – not the main criterion of effective working. The most important thing is the professional skills. The experts agreed, what a true professional is needed:

  1. Genuine interest and respect for the person as an individual.
  2. They should be genuinely interested in the structure of the human inner world.
  3. To have the desire to comprehend all the complexities of the human psyche.

The question, how how people, should stand in the first place. But the interest does not develop: he either exists already, or it is not there.

Before becoming a psychologist, you need to ask yourself honestly the following questions:

  • Do you love people?
  • Sociable do you?
  • Are you ready to listen all day about people's problems?
  • Are you ready to help them?
  • If you have the stomach?

The next important quality for psychologists is tolerance. It is based on tolerance of others, the adoption of a variety of human expressions without aggression and irritation. This quality a bit more you can actually develop, however, if it is already inherent in, it will be easier many times.

To be flexible and open to change – is pretty important for data professionals. Easy adaptation to different conditions, the ability to admit their mistakes, quick change of behavior is an essential manifestation of true professionals.

Without the presence of sensitivity, specialist will not be able to understand the customer's problem fully. He can't feel his pain, experience, the mood and understand his needs. Therefore, this quality must try to develop any psychologist.

Also these professionals must be able to clearly Express their thoughts, to be able to hear and understand the other, and, of course, to cope with their own emotions.

Useful psychologist certainly: observation, tolerance, responsibility, creativity and optimism.

Career therapist

Career specialist depends on his self-control and constant self-improvement. Just after graduating from higher institution, the psychologist still can't be considered true professionals. Only through constant practices, training, seminars, methods to improve the specialist skills to achieve professional success.

When a specialist will have a precious experience, will own many modern practitioners, it becomes quite popular among customers. And this fact will give him the opportunity to open your own business and to engage in private practice of psychology.

Successful therapists are often invited to work or just to act on TV, on the radio, in a major publishing house, thus raising their level of significance in the eyes of the audience. And this contributes to an even greater career, as a result, they are at the peak of his career.


Analysts are needed in many institutions. To work invite:

  • school;
  • preschools;
  • school;
  • clinic, hospital;
  • educational institutions;
  • private companies;
  • dispensaries, children's centres.

To work can apply to the personnel office: there help would be very helpful. It is from the work of the psychologist, which is in close contact and recruit employees, depends on the process and the efficiency of the enterprise.

  • Knowledge of a psychologist will also help in the advertising business, in politics, law.
  • The specialist can engage in scientific and applied research in their field.

Psychologist, who has accumulated experience and has sufficient number of customers, can try to have a private practice: can open your account, or have a private practice at home, and use it, as additional income.


The work of a professional psychologist is often paid. Salary depends on where the specialist is and what duties it performs.

  • Range of salary of these specialists is mainly varies from 100 to 700 $ .
  • In large cities and the capitals of their earnings can start from 200 $ 1000 $ .

Extra money the counselor can obtain through online sessions, online consultations, creating websites, useful trainings and forums.

The highest earning psychologists, engaged in private practice. In this case, their wage depends on the number of client flow and time of consultation.

Education (how to become a psychologist)

To work as a psychologist, you must graduate from high school on the following specialties:

  • Psychology,
  • Conflict,
  • Clinical psychology,
  • Clinical psychology

Often, even a correspondence Department is not enough, therefore, to study better on a full-time education. You can get additional courses in psychology, but they serve only as a Supplement to primary education.

To become a good professional psychologist, it's not enough just to obtain a higher education! You need every day to grow, learn new techniques, modern techniques. Regularly attend training, seminars and refresher courses. Not for nothing do they say: there is no limit to perfection.

Humor never hurts, but would you describe the profession on the other side of the coin:

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