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Profession translator

Profession translator
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Александр Юрьевич
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Translator is a specialist, which interpreterpath speech of different language groups.

The main goal of the translator is available to convey the meaning of a foreign story to the target audience.

The history of the profession of translator

The roots of the profession back to ancient times. Ancient Egypt and ancient Greece highly appreciated the work of translators, and if they do not, the books of the old Testament for us was not available.

Interpreters took an active part in political negotiations, signatures of peace and the outbreak of war, they received ambassadors and worked on public documentation.

In our time the work of the masters of translation is also highly valued. The present age is simply not possible without the Internet and regular communication with representatives of different nationalities. And an invaluable help to us was given by the translators.

Professional holiday

1991 the year was special for these specialists, after all, this year began to celebrate this holiday.

International translation day was proclaimed 30 Sep. In this day all over the world celebrate their professional holiday as an oral, and translators.

On this auspicious day to carry out various prestigious events: conference, exhibition, educational trainings and seminars.


The profession of interpreter is mainly divided into the following sectors:

  • Oral interpreters. Job is the instant translation of the direct speech of a speaker in a specific language.
  • Consecutive interpreters. Demand for business negotiations, which require translation. They occur on the diagram – the conversation, and on proposals or parts: obtaining information specialist, thorough processing, the results its in another language.
  • Written for technical translators. Must have deep knowledge in their respective industries and well-versed in the highly specialized terminology. The principle of their work is the translation of technical text.
  • Translators of fiction. The main feature of the work is an artistic and photographic ability. They often have to alter the original text, so it became clear readers. Excellent translations of poems by famous poets, colorful translations of popular writers, the world's bestsellers – the work of data professionals.

Every specialization of interpreters is necessary and important. They help to make our world clearer, and give the opportunity to always be heard and understood worldwide.

The pros and cons

In the interpreter definitely has its advantages:

  • the presence of high demand for specialists;
  • have the unique opportunity to work in international companies;
  • fully there is no language barrier;
  • sometimes it is possible to work at home;
  • expanded horizons;
  • increases social circle;
  • interesting type of work, who constantly pushes for the development of;
  • given the possibility of good earnings;
  • quite prestigious profession.

However, like any other specialty, there are disadvantages:

  • irregular work schedule;
  • strong eye strain;
  • high psycho-emotional stress.

Sometimes the interpreter has to work in high-speed mode, so you need to have endurance and patience.

The qualification requirements for the translator

The interpreters usually have the following requirements:

  • a good command of a foreign language;
  • to be able to make oral and written translations;
  • to have higher education;
  • know a certain terminology;
  • to own a computer.

For interpreter needs knowledge of principles of psychology and ethics of business communication.

Job responsibilities

The duties of the translator is usually the following:

  • produce oral and written translations;
  • consecutive interpreting at business meetings;
  • to quickly translate text, letter or document;
  • to help in editing the translation, performed by another employee.

Professional help may be required at various events, as linguistic support.


The primary responsibility of a translator is to:

  • non-performance or high-quality performance of their duties;
  • offences, committed in the process;
  • material damage;
  • the violation of labor discipline.

Responsible for deadlines of their work, for the uniqueness of the text and errors in translation.

The credentials of the translator

The translator has the right to:

  • in appropriate conditions, to provide a high level of translation;
  • a break in the process, to relax and eat;
  • obtaining copyright, which is protected by the law.

All this is necessary, to provide a comfortable work process specialist, to protect his work and increase efficiency.

General characteristics of the profession (who is the translator?)

It is a profession, which requires versatile knowledge and talents. You must have a broad Outlook, curiosity, erudition. To be able to listen carefully to people, to answer them, to talk to them, but the boundary of what is permitted, the style and emotion of speech.

  1. The relevance of a profession increases. Thanks to the Internet, the specialists at the open door of the largest corporations, banks and agencies.
  2. For professional translators such important quality, as diplomacy and excellent communication skills. The main task is to achieve understanding of people, and give them the opportunity to negotiate.
  3. Specialty gives you the chance to work in international companies. The opportunity to drive in foreign travel. The work will be especially interesting for those, who loves learning foreign languages and culture of other countries.
  4. The main thing is constant improvement. There are new linguistic forms, phrases, slang, reduction. So you need to be aware of all innovations it is necessary to monitor language changes, to attend the conference, seminars, refresher courses. One word always be on the same wavelength.

Sometimes you have to work in real-time, with fast and frequent change of scenery, with a huge number of people. But the profession gives wonderful possibilities, the main thing – to manage them correctly and on time are.

Professional skills of translators

To provide invaluable assistance in the choice of profession can career guidance. But if you are already sure, what you want to become a translator – you must learn:

  • promptly to carry out any types of transfers: technical, business, different orientation;
  • to implement sequential or simultaneous interpreting of seminars, or conferences;
  • correctly own software;
  • gravitate towards new knowledge.

Despite the language of the translation, the specialist must know the English language thoroughly, and to understand its economic and financial terms, in titles and abbreviations.

Personal professional qualities required for the interpreter

Specialty requires the employee to greater efforts. He is obliged not only to work intensively, but also actively learn. Therefore, it is necessary to soberly assess their capabilities and have the following set of qualities:

  • possession of professional skills of translation;
  • literacy;
  • self-organization;
  • observation;
  • camaronal;
  • good diction;
  • care;
  • communication skills;
  • mobility;
  • patience;
  • psychological endurance;
  • efficiency.

Quite often masters of you need a good physical form, kindness and emotional stability.

Career interpreter

  1. Profession is a perfect option for any ambitious. Translation wizard can become a leader or open your own business, that happens quite often.
  2. Graduates have the opportunity to lead a successful company. They also open doors to international relations, this implies growth of income and prestige.
  3. There is a possibility of earnings abroad. In the future there is the prospect of obtaining citizenship and a solid earnings.

Career growth for competent professionals is a matter of time and desire.


The number of vacancies in this profession increasing day by day. Masters of translation are always happy to see the following organizations:

  • public authorities;
  • publishers;
  • commercial companies;
  • travel Agency;
  • advertising company;
  • marriage Agency.

Experts, who have sufficient experience and have a steady stream of customers, can do private orders, and in the future to open her own Agency.


Earnings interpreter is based on the following factors:

  • qualification;
  • experience;
  • the number of orders;
  • place of work.

The average earnings of a translator varies from 300 $ 1000 $ .

The interpreter may have earnings of approximately 2000 $ .

Unique specialist or a high level professional can earn about 3000 $ .

Education – How to become a translator?

At the moment there are specialized English language courses, training centres. After graduating, you will significantly improve your knowledge on the subject. But if you want to seriously engage in the translation, all, recommend to higher education.

When applying for translator, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the selected University. In prestigious institutions is usually huge competition for a place, it can reach about a hundred people.

After graduating from the selected institution, you will master the skills very prestigious and interesting profession and will be much closer to your goal.

How to become a translator-freelancer

Translator is, almost the most popular freelance profession. To complete the order properly and in time, translators do not always have to be in the office. You can work remotely, home. And the rendered result to easily send e-mail.

Become a freelancer is possible by any specialist, condition – perfect knowledge of foreign languages.

You can start with providing a summary and perform creative tasks in translation. This organization is a mediator between the customer and the contractor. She has a huge base of clients and different types of orders. Remuneration is mostly piecework, but it is very decent.

You can try to find orders on the stock exchange of remote work. There customer posts an ad with specific requirements for candidates, the amount of work and cost jobs. For the employee a unique opportunity to self-select an appropriate order.

There is the option of direct communication with customers in addition to Internet. This can be a publishing house, a variety of office, office, in need of a quality translation.

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