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Profession waiter

Profession waiter
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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The waiter is an employee in the sphere of public catering. The duties of waiter – to serve visitors of the restaurant, cafe, pub.

The main goal of any server is a high-quality service and ensuring a comfortable stay for all guests.


Profession waiter also has its own varieties:

  • waiter-bartender – waiter, who also serves as bartender, this is a complex and multi-faceted art;
  • runner is the busboy, he's not taking orders, but only cleans instruments and utensils from the tables;
  • a freelancer is a worker, which is not in the state institutions, his call for additional assistance for large banquets or for various events;
  • waiter-cashier is a specialist, except that the service in the hall visitors, also operates cash register and performs the calculation of the guests;
  • the head waiter is the chief among the waiters, he oversees the work shift, prepares new employees and competently serves.

All professions are important, all professions are needed!

History of the profession waiter

It is difficult to understanding, but the profession of a waiter is almost the most ancient. There are facts, confirming, this type of profession there are more than 6 thousands of years. The origins of the profession come from Ancient Egypt. Scientists, who studied the pyramids, found frescoes. They were clearly visible to people, which special clothing was served to the tables a variety of treats, they are the first waiters.

And in Russia, this profession appeared along with a restaurant, European style. In the mid-nineteenth century, one Moscow school "Slavic Bazaar", had the name of the restaurant. The waiters were required to wear special uniform – white vest, black tailcoat, tie and gloves, to be cut short and perfectly shaved.

To become a waiter was required to pass a difficult way. The first guy took in improvised, for four years they have mastered the basics of the profession, working dishwashers and cleaners. Later, the young people learned to master the Sciences: serving dishes, communication with customers and calculations.

And only by understanding all these Sciences, guys could wear white shirts and silk belt, and proudly call himself a waiter.

Professional holiday

International day bartender celebrated 6 Feb the day of the Holy Amanda. In almost all countries, it became a professional holiday of bartenders and waiters.

This Saint is the patron of all, those involved in the restaurant business and working in the field of catering.

And in Lviv 21 may have decided to celebrate the Day waiter. Every year the holiday becomes more popular.

Restaurant owners came up with a very interesting method of celebrating. With 16 to 7 in the evening they become waiters and a couple with their subordinates serve visitors.

The purpose of the festival is to increase the prestige of the profession and the quality of the service institutions.

The pros and cons

As with every profession, as the work of a waiter, has its advantages and disadvantages.


  • many jobs and varied sentences;
  • employment possible, even without a diploma of higher education;
  • convenient schedule, to amend;
  • the utility power;
  • and, perhaps, the big plus – it's a tip.

Cons work:

  • the waiter liable for the assets of the institution;
  • possible penalties;
  • a large number of stressful situations, associated with not very sober guests of the establishment;
  • a direct correlation of the quality of work from the chef, colleagues or kitchen workers;
  • often work night shifts, weekends and holidays.

But for every minus, there is a plus!

Requirements for the role

The applicants should meet the following requirements:

  • know the rules servings;
  • features serving dishes;
  • the subtleties of etiquette;
  • to properly combine foods and drinks;
  • to know English.

Workers in food service must undergo a medical examination.

Job responsibilities

The main responsibilities of waiter:

  • take the order from guests;
  • to lay the table;
  • thorough knowledge of menu;
  • to transmit the order to the kitchen or bar;
  • to answer all customer questions;
  • to accommodate guests requests;
  • to form the final amount of orders;
  • to calculate the client.

The main task of any waiter – a happy and satisfied client.


The responsibility of the waiter is quite large and requires care and caution. The waiter is responsible for:

  • the correct execution of their duties;
  • the tangible property of the institution;
  • timely medical examination;
  • finding a workplace in a special form and in good condition;
  • violation of labor discipline;
  • ill-treatment to customers;
  • inaccurate calculation with guests;
  • measures of safety;
  • failure to comply with the requirements of the administration.

A waiter is responsible for the preservation of wealth.

The powers of the waiter

The waiter has the right to require him to provide normal working conditions.

Has the right to demand, leadership provided him with the organizational and technical conditions and promptly issued a needed for work documentation.

Can inform their leaders about the revealed shortcomings and propose methods for their elimination or correction.

The features of the profession

Who is the waiter? It is the link between institution and visitor. It is like a calling card of the restaurant. That is why the waiter hopes. It needs to be in a good mood, to be able to smooth out conflicts and to do everything possible, to the customer., indeed, in this lies the basic duties of waiter.

The job of a waiter is quite hard. Because the employee is almost always to stay on their feet and in motion. The work schedule may vary dramatically. Shift usually starts early in the morning, and can end late at night. A conflict situation can also happen. And customers may not be the most friendly.

That is why the waiter should be stress-resistant and responsive!

Professional skills

The waiter needs to learn:

  • to prepare the hall for the arrival of guests;
  • to take orders;
  • to stand in the correct order drinks and snacks;
  • politely communicate with visitors, fulfilling their requests;
  • right to issue an invoice;
  • to clean the tables and serve them to the arrival of new clients.

To maintain cleanliness and order in the room throughout the day.

The personal qualities of the waiter

Communication skills, punctuality and discipline are the main personal qualities of professional waiter.

Also the waiters should be well developed memory, wit and a good sense of humor.

The employee must be hardy, stress, neat and tidy.

Well, of course, a good waiter has to be polite, affability and tact – after all, he is the face of the institution.

Career waiter

Career waiter can develop quite successfully, if he shows his best side. And then a waiter he can grow as to administrator, and managing institution.

The persistence and work, little effort!


In the job of a waiter of today's deficit does not. Every minute in the labor market there are new jobs, because increasing the number of institutions.

The waiter will easily be able to find the right place: cafe, restaurant, bar, pizzeria, pub, a coffee shop, kids cafe.


The income of the seller consists of two components: the fixed part and personal tips.

Average wage of waiter:

  • in Russia 83 – 300 $ ;
  • in Moscow, 167– 754 dollar;
  • in Ukraine 115 – 265 $ .

And sometimes a tip, far exceed the fixed part of the earnings.


How to become a waiter? To become a waiter of higher education is not required. You can get trained in specialized courses.

But as practice shows, vocational training the waiters usually get, directly when applying for a job or, by probation.

If, the employee wants to conquer the career ladder, he can go to study in the specialty "Hospitality". And thus, significantly increase the chances of success!

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