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The profession of a massage therapist

The profession of a massage therapist
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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The therapist is a specialist, which provides surface mechanical effects on the human body.

The main goal of any massage is to improve the health of the patient.


The profession of a massage therapist can be subdivided into several types:

  • Pediatric massage therapist. This specialist works with children, even with babies. The main objective of baby massage is to correct physiological deficiencies, to make preventive treatments, one word to do all, the baby will grow healthy.
  • Sports massage therapist. Sports massage is a lifesaver for many athletes. Its goal is to improve physical ability and performance of people, but only if, that their health is safe.
  • Masseur, beautician. This type of massage has become quite popular in many salons, it is intended for, to improve a person's appearance. It combines medical massage techniques and beauty treatments, due to which there is a feeling of relaxation, confidence and attractiveness.

Massage therapists can help a person get rid of several diseases without medicines, improving metabolism and eliminating excess weight.

History of the profession massage therapist

Exercise effects on the human body through hands of healing purposes people began a long time ago. These effects were observed in Assyria, Egypt, Persia, Greece.

Detailed, massage training began in medical-gymnastics school in Ancient China 6 in. BC, and if we talk about Russia, at the end 19 century.

Professional holiday

Recently the Ukrainian Federation of massage was determined the date of the professional holiday of massage therapists. Now 7 Feb officially celebrated Day massage. This celebration is intended to unite specialists of different directions in massage art.

The pros and cons

To be a massage therapist on the one hand very cool:

  • good earnings;
  • its clientele;
  • the opportunity to work not only on the employer, but also;
  • no need to overpay for medical education at the Institute, because to become a massage therapist, enough and courses.

However, like any other profession it has negative sides:

  • tired of its monotony;
  • heavy load on hands;
  • work is done standing, and accordingly, increases the load on the legs;
  • quite a lot of competition.

But any time the therapist can come to the rescue of their loved ones, making massage convenient time for them.

Requirements for the role

For massage therapists can meet the following requirements:

  • medical education;
  • to understand the anatomy, physiology;
  • to own massage and hardware techniques;
  • welcome the presence of the experience;
  • to have a valid certificate.

To work as a massage therapist must also pass a medical examination.

Job responsibilities

The duty of the massage therapist:

  • massage, hardware procedures, wraps;
  • the SPA treatment;
  • corrective program;
  • therapeutic massages;
  • prophylactic massages;
  • rehabilitation activities;
  • client consultation.

The therapist should always keep massage room clean and tidy.


Usually the responsibility of the therapist is to:

  • improper performance of their duties;
  • offences, committed in the process;
  • material damage;
  • the violation of labor discipline;
  • ill-treatment of patients;
  • failure to comply with the requirements of the administration.

The therapist is also responsible for the quality and effectiveness of the process of the massage.

The credentials of the massage therapist

The therapist has the right to:

  • obtaining information, necessary for the efficient performance of their duties;
  • making suggestions to the administration regarding the improvement of service quality and improvement of work organization;
  • controlling his assistant;
  • participation in conferences and other events, relevant to this field;
  • improving their skills.

The features of the profession

Who is the therapist? Not the first glance, the profession of a massage therapist – pretty easy specialty. But digging deeper, you can understand, what the massage therapist – it's not just a man, doing the massage, a specialist, who actively participates in the physical health of people.

It produces both a preventative procedure, and therapeutic. The main types of massage – deep and superficial, fast and slow, stimulating and relaxing. All this requires deep medical knowledge, the care and accuracy.

The process of work of a masseur is happening in the office, which must comply with all sanitary standards. The specialist must work in a lab coat. The main working tool – the hands of a masseur, that require special training. Huge emphasis on personal hygiene of the skin of hands. And during the massage professional needs to remove the ring, watch, in short, all, that can hurt patients.

For massage therapists can refer clients with different diagnoses and wishes, it is therefore necessary to find individual approach to each. Typically, the therapist conducts a session once, and course, after all, so the effect is much better and more noticeable.

In addition, the profession of a massage therapist is quite extraordinary, because includes medical, cosmetic and sports massage.

Professional skills

To provide invaluable assistance in choosing a career can career guidance. But if you are already sure, what do you want to become a massage therapist, you need to learn:

  • to understand the anatomy and physiology of people;
  • to understand the indications for medical procedures;
  • to navigate the various technical means of massage;
  • to understand the remedies, used for massage.

And the therapist needs to understand the basics of psychology, after all, his task is to be able to relax client, to reassure and inspire confidence.

The personal qualities of the therapist

Любому массажисту должны быть присущи внимательность, accuracy, трудолюбие и доброжелательность.

Пригодятся и физическая выносливость, и способность уметь акцентировать внимание.

The therapist needs to be endowed with excellent eyesight and strong sensitive hands.

The position requires poise and tact in dealing with customers, personal organization and communication.

Career massage therapist

The profession is quite popular and relevant today.

If the therapist is constantly samosovershenstvovaniya, through the development of new methods and techniques of massage, he secured career growth.

Well, if, специалист имеет высшее медицинское образование, то смело можно занять и руководящую должность, либо открыть собственное дело. Доступными становятся также научная и педагогическая деятельности.


In the job of massage therapist in our time, the deficit is not observed. At work they invite:

  • clinic, hospital;
  • fitness centers, sport;
  • beauty salons, health centers;
  • dispensaries, children's centres.

Specialist, который накопил уже достаточный опыт и обзавёлся постоянной клиентурой, может попробовать получить лицензию и заниматься частными практиками.

Earnings, withколько зарабатывает массажист?

The earnings of a massage therapist depends on several factors: from region, from experience and from which institution he works.

So, massage therapist, который только начинал работать в данной сфере в государственном учреждении, получит около 260 $ .

Well, if, специалист работает в коммерческом салоне, то зарплата у него будет более высокой около 2600 $ .

The average salary of massage therapist employment is about 700 $ .

Если же специалист занимается частной практикой, то может сам регулировать поток клиентов и доход.


To work as a massage therapist, it is possible to obtain secondary or higher education.

Ну и можно пройти обучение и на специализированных курсах.

But, если же, вы хотите заниматься спортивным массажем необходимо физкультурное образование, а если лечебным, то медицинское.

Вкладывая в своё образование, массажист не только совершенствуется, но и овладевает новыми современными техниками массажа, а это непременно скажется на карьере.

Hard work, постоянное совершенствование знаний и ценный опыт непременно помогут значительного успеха в этой области.

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