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Profession economist

Profession economist
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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The economist is a specialist part of the economy, who understands economic issues and operated farm enterprises, optimizing expenses and income. Under this name you know scientists in the field of economic science and people, involved in research activities, as well as planning economic activities of the organization.

The main objective of the labour Department to prioritize and target, to get the maximum profit with minimum losses.

Varieties of profession

The profession can be divided into several activities:

  • accountant-economist;
  • engineer-economist;
  • Manager-economist.

Each of these positions their functions.

Accountant-economist is the man, which not only advises the Director in financial matters and in terms of proper payment of taxes, but and is responsible for accounting, the form reports, analysis of the performance of the company: income, costs, profit, profitability.

Engineer – economist – the engine of the enterprise. He calculates the cost estimate, analyzes internal costs, develops measures, to reduce costs and increase costs. Engineer economic Department works with data on materials, equipment, financial capital, salary, innovations. Through the analysis it calculates the economic efficiency, the payback period worth the investment, the rate of growth of productivity, and the amount of profit.

Manager – economist organizes, planning and control. He has to make strategic decisions and to work on the business plan. These people combine in their work accounting, economic analysis and modern methods of personnel management and the enterprise. They are willing to take the risk, trying to join a stream of volatile market.

History of the profession economist

Commodity-money relations caused the need for people, dealing with issues of the economy. However the "concepts" economy, then it was not, and it has come to us from Ancient Greece. Pondered this science Aristotle, Xenophon, Plato, whilst finding solutions to important problems.

Professional holiday

The economist's day decided to celebrate 30 Jun. However, it was established by the decree of the President of the Russian Federation at the state level in 2011 year and was named the "Day of the Financier". Date of its celebration now accounts for 8 Sep. This led to the fact, what people in this profession now celebrate their professional holiday twice.

The celebration refers to all specialists, administering financial resources.

The pros and cons

Around the profession of Economics there's been a lot of talk. Nobody thinks its chic, but many go to her to learn.

And it will due to its positive parties:

  • demand – such specialist will never be without work;
  • high wages with proper qualifications;
  • the ability to choose to enter the workforce any industry or even work for themselves.

The cons are the following factors:

  • have a lot of time to spend on the computer;
  • the presence of competition in the labour market, making the need for continuous improvement of their knowledge;
  • a big responsibility for the financial performance of the company,
  • the monotony of the work.

Requirements for the role

Qualification requirements for economist:

  • experience of work on speciality not less than a year;
  • the specialist shall have higher economic/financial education;
  • confident to work with PC, especially in MS Excel, 1C;
  • to understand the basics of accounting, tax law;
  • preferred knowledge of foreign languages.

Job responsibilities

The duties of the economist include:

  • management, development, analysis;
  • the calculation of staffing requirements;
  • forecast and plan cash budget;
  • development of a business plan;
  • the improvement in the financial situation of the organization;
  • contracts.

The economist has been planning and improvement activities of the company.

Specialist oversees the remuneration of staff payment of bonuses and incentives.


In fact, the position of the economist provides for liability for the financial position of the company. You must agree, untimely the goal, да еще и при халатном подходе к ней может привести к серьезным проблемам в компании.

In some firms employees sign a non-disclosure agreement confidential information and the storage of commercial secrets.

The economist is obliged to observe the house rules, labor discipline, safety and fire safety rules.


The economist must work closely to communicate with the company management, offering the most profitable solutions to optimize enterprises, income. The specialist has the right to consider design solutions company, various documentation and on the basis of analysis to inform the management about the defects and the possibilities to eliminate them.

To communicate with the structural units and to request information within their competence. To act in accordance with their competence.

The features of the profession

Profession sounds boring at first glance. The economy is a game, in which win those, who looks into the distance and anticipate the future. Agree, it is impossible to remain indifferent, when did you play Your bets on economic impact and job made profit. The most important thing to figure out and understand the rules.

The profession has a fairly varied range of activities. Some work with securities, others are engaged in accounting and audit, third expect salary to regular staff.

Professional skills

In the sphere of economy always there are any – changes, this is why the expert is necessary at all times to keep abreast of. The economist – captain, which should change the course and steer your firm under tailwind.

In order, to feel the right direction, the economist needs to know accounting and tax laws, быть уверенным пользователем ПК и работать со специализированными программами.

Welcome knowledge of the English language.

Personal qualities

Working as an economist is much easier for people, with

  • organizational skills and attention;
  • logic and math memory;
  • patience and good communication skills;
  • perseverance and accuracy;
  • good memory and the ability to work with large volumes of information;
  • developed analytical skills and proactive attitude.

The economist must be able to lucidly Express their thoughts to argue their undeniable arguments.

Career economist

For people of this profession after graduation, the main task is the acquisition of experience. To purchase it is possible to get a job in a small company, even if they pay quite a bit. Here You will face a range of problems, then will turn to You invaluable experience and help to develop a high level of competence.

With a little work, you can find a job in a large enterprise, where more responsibility, but pay much more.

It is not excluded, Junior economic specialist can become a financial Director of the company.

Where to work the economist

Qualified professionals are invited to work public service and financial structure. They want to see in private organizations, educational institutions, research institutes, hotel and restaurant business.

The position of the economist demanded in every single field.

How much does

The aspiring economist has a small income. On average, his monthly income is 200 – 500$. After difficult labor way, a qualified technician can earn 500 to 5000$ and above.

The dispersion of salary depends on the city, so in the capital, you can earn 2-3 times more, doing the same work, than specialists in the regions.

How to become a economist

A key criterion for the selection of the employee to a position as a staff economist is the availability of education. To date, graduates produced by many Universities. The applicant provided a wide range of areas in Finance and Economics.

Someone comes on a specialty "Finance and credit", others choose the economic activity, third like merchandising direction or trade relations. But, what would You choose, You can always find a job, as the demand for economists in the modern world is undeniable.

Education, which is obtained at public Universities, valued above, than in private. You can get training in economic College. Economic education can also be obtained in technical and agricultural higher educational institutions.

A successful internship or study abroad, undoubtedly, impact on the income of an economist.

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