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Profession designer

Profession designer
Автор статьи
Александр Юрьевич
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Designer – it specialist, engaged in design and decoration.

The main goal of the designer is giving expression appearance.


The profession of the designer can be subdivided into the following sectors:

  • industrial, is engaged in design and creation of home appliances, vehicles;
  • environmental design, creates the interior, prepares building, areas;
  • graphic, working on the creation of brands and advertising;
  • 3D-design, creates animation, presentation, layouts by a computer program;
  • landscape, specializiruetsya at work, associated with the registration of the land plot, Park, garden;
  • fashion design, shoes and accessories, dictates new style and fashion direction.

The number of areas in the field of design every day it expands and grows: sokoliki, the corrector, vitrazhista and other.

The history of the design profession

The design originated in ancient times, when people first started to face the question of convenience of the instruments of labor and everyday life.

The modern design is associated with the, in 19 century began to develop industrial production, then there is a need to design art activities.

The first school appeared in 20-ies 20 century, after all, increased demand in such specialists.

Professional holiday

The day designer is considered to be 9 Sep. There was this festival in 2005 year, and was timed to the anniversary of the popular and successful designer Vladimir Chuyko.

Their professional holiday designers say a very fun and creative. Quite often in this day organizes various creative and interesting activities, where designers can relax and show off their creations.

The pros and cons

To work as a designer quite profitable:

  • good profit;
  • guaranteed wages;
  • its clientele;
  • working at home.

But there are downsides:

  • irregular work schedule;
  • strong eye strain;
  • there is a risk of burnout and depression.

Sometimes the customer's taste does not coincide with the taste of a specialist, and then the orders need to meet or even exceed the client's discretion, not the designer.

Suitable for profession

This profession – it's true vocation, for those, who prefers creativity and creativity, for those who, has good taste and imagination, not used to a monotonous and boring job.

Ideal given the scope of topics, who loves to draw, to create a beautiful, have skills in the required design programs, and wants to create and enjoy your masterpiece.

Requirements for the role

The designers typically have the following requirements:

  • the presence of artistic taste;
  • portfolio;
  • experience with customers;
  • the availability of specialized education;
  • basic knowledge of relevant computer programs;
  • creative approach to everything.

The designer must be able to think abstract, time to use your imagination, be patient, diligent and have high performance.

Job responsibilities

Duties of designer of the advertising Department:

  • qualitatively carry out decoration works for the customer;
  • to develop projects technical design;
  • to develop and agree on a sketch;
  • to create an illustration to the text;
  • to create the style of the site, or another project.

Responsibilities of a clothes designer:

  • to develop sample models;
  • to find the range of fabrics and accessories;
  • to accompany the process of testing samples;
  • to start production;
  • track fashion trends.


The responsibility of the designer is in:

  • the execution or untimely execution of the official duties;
  • compliance with applicable regulations;
  • violation of rules of internal labour order.

Specialist is also responsible for labor discipline.

The powers of the designer

The designer has the right to:

  • obtaining information, which is necessary to perform the tasks;
  • providing suggestions to the administration regarding improving their work and businesses;
  • decision-making, which are in your jurisdiction;
  • the requirement from managers ensure normal working conditions.

General characteristics of the profession

Who is the designer? Designer is a person, with artistic abilities, it implements them by creating beautiful creations.

At the moment there are a lot of areas in the design.

  • Designer apartments work, planning of the apartment building. Designer-interior up exclusive inside the apartment.
  • A fashion designer creates sketches and clothing. Incredible masterpieces, new trends create and dictate these professionals. It is to them we should be grateful for new models of clothes.
  • Become quite popular designer in advertising, because each product requires a special approach to yourself.
  • One of the most popular trends in design is the designer – graphics. It is a creative and interesting profession. Computer innovations have enabled her to move to a new level, and the talents of the designers and their creativity, became the basis in developing websites, layouts, printed products, packages, and other material in various fields of life.
  • Increasing the construction of houses, and, accordingly, landscape designers. These professionals are in demand.
  • The youngest, but pretty fast in its development, the industry design is a web design. The number of Internet users is increasing rapidly, increase and their desire to have their own websites, advertising products, and this leads to a huge demand of specialists of this direction. At the moment, the work of the web designers is the highest paying.

The word design means designing. The design became the basis for absolutely every sector of design.

The needs of society determine the goals of the designers, and not rush the creative mind. To implement other people's ideas to life can be very difficult. Therefore, designers need to be more patient, friendliness and inspiration.

With the employment of designers, the main criterion is the portfolio. The interview can and does take place silently. Excellent and creative work samples are the best indicators.

The perfect way to Express yourself, how about a decent designer – this participation in various exhibitions and competitions. Thus, it is possible and considerably increase your earnings.

Professional skills

Дизайнеру одежды необходимо обладать следующими skills:

  • ability to draw freehand and graphic editors;
  • know design basics;
  • master technology tailoring;
  • to be an experienced PC user;
  • proficient in office equipment.

A very important skill for any designer would be: prompt and effective solution of the tasks, diligence, responsibility and sociability.

The personal qualities of a designer

These professionals need to possess the following qualities:

  • observation;
  • creative thinking;
  • imaginative;
  • communication skills;
  • mobility;
  • patience;
  • ability to work in a team;
  • tact.

A good designer should be able to concentrate on the two sides of the object: on the outside, and on the inside: details, the nature and functionality.

Career designer

The demand for profession of designer was, is and will be always on top. Its relevance and popularity is also increasing with each passing day.

If the designer constantly samosovershenstvovaniya, masters new techniques, attends various trainings and seminars, gaining experience and knowledge, he secured a brilliant career.

As a career specialist depends on how the brand is the company's products, where he works. After all, if it is recognizable and has a good reputation, the designer is much easier to get popularity and high return. And soon all may be able to start working for yourself.


In the job designer in modern times the deficit is not observed. At work they invite:

  • light industry;
  • fashion house;
  • salons and ateliers;
  • design Studio;
  • garment production;
  • experimental workshops.

A talented designer can open your own design Studio.


What makes a designer?

  • So, aspiring designer, gets about 100 USD in Ukraine.
  • Специалист с опытом работы около года уже получает около 200 $ .
  • А дизайнеры, которые имеют высшее образование и опыт работы больше трёх лет зарабатывают от 400 $ .
  • In Russia specialist with experience earns an average 600 $ .

Earnings of a graphic designer is based on the following factors:

  • region;
  • experience;
  • the level of education;
  • skills;
  • fame.

If the designer managed to make a name for himself, and satisfied customers, he may have a private practice, himself to regulate the flow of customers and income.

Education required designer

To become a professional designer, just not enough talent and zeal, you also want to receive special education.

Today, there are specialized schools and educational institutions, which train this craft to future designers.

You can also finish and design courses, but still most effective – to graduate from high school.

When choosing a school, you must remember that of the designer of the universal no, and can not be. Every designer is a professional in a specific area of art.

Ежедневно появляются и совершенствуются новые материалы, методы создания образов, различные приёмы. Это всё требует постоянного обучения и самосовершенствования от специалиста, he has to go hand in hand with new trends.

How to become a designer yourself

If the word designer you are delighted with, but to learn in this profession you have no way, don't despair. Because there are ways, that will bring you closer to your goal.

To become a graphic designer yourself, you need:

  • To learn to see.
  • Learn to draw.
  • Start exploring color, fonts, the net.
  • Go to learning the basics of graphic design.
  • To study literature, dedicated to your design direction.
  • Записаться на мастер-классы, seminars, онлайн–курсы дизайна.
  • Освоить фотошоп или другие графические программы.
  • Начать работать фрилансером на различных сайтах либо создать свой, and offer there own design services.

In order to get a job as a designer, do not have to graduate from a prestigious institution, but having a portfolio is a prerequisite. So start to collect now, even if you are not even their customers. The main thing to start to do something different.

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